honoyo : Inspirational Stylish Fun

Apr 11 2014: Tokyo hat designer Honoyo Imai’s creations are stylish, fun, and very different…

Kjeld Duits: @Baterka: But I can understand your English. ^^
Baterka: Amazing! I really like how looking his way. (Search for school ,changes etc) Video was inspiring. :-) You can see that passion of creation. She is really charming! (Sorry for my terrible English :-))
Kjeld Duits: @Mathieu S.: Thanks, Mathieu. Yes, Honoyo is a very inspiring person. More artist than designer, I think. That attracts me to her hats even more. She gives you the opportunity to wear art in your daily life. I hope my readers will support her in a big way. Either by sharing this interview, or by purchasing one or more of her works. I really want her to succeed! She deserves it. ^^

Tokyo hat designer Honoyo Imai

The dark avant-gardist romanticism of alice auaa

Jan 15 2014: JAPANESE STREETS interviews designer Yasutaka Funakoshi of alice auaa, one of Japan’s coolest underground fashion brands

Kjeld Duits: @Julia: She is one of Funakashi’s most important assistants. I actually don’t know if she has twitter…
Julia: who’s the girl with the big black hair? she wouldn’t happen to have twitter or something similar? super cool anyway.
Kjeld Duits: @Karol: Glad you like Funakoshi’s style, Karol!

Yasutaka Funakoshi of alice auaa

Tokyo Love Story

Dec 17 2013: The love story of two people JAPANESE STREETS has photographed since 2011

Leah B.: My heart! It just blew up! Awwwwww!
Kjeld Duits: @MEanie ME: Yes, they are. On JAPANESE STREETS everything is real, unless otherwise noted.
MEanie ME: they look cute together are they real couple? <3.<3


Pinkly Ever After: Cute and Magical

Nov 09 2013: Korean fashion designer Robin JooBin creates magical clothes that feel very Japanese


Love a Lot!

Sep 07 2012: Love a Lot! The best advice I have heard in a while. Japanese designer Arika nico has made it her motto and the name of her new label

Kjeld Duits: @Maria: Yes, that one is very cute. Arika nico ‘s stuff is very cheap (for Japanese standards), so don’t hesitate to contact her if you’d like to purchase something. Only the buttons were a bit pricey.
Maria: I love that rainbow over-all! My best wishes to the brand ^^


The Evolution of a Harajuku Fashionista

Feb 07 2012: Today I posted some images of Kurebayashi again, one of my favorite people to run into and shoot in Harajuku. I have shot her many times. See how she has changed

Kjeld Duits: @Martin: Thank you, Martin!
Martin: wow. Haha, the evolution of Kurebayashi is amazing :D
Kjeld Duits: @KSENiA: Cool, eh! I am really curious about the next few years. ^^


Eiko Ishioka, designer for 'Bram Stoker's Dracula,' dies at 73

Jan 29 2012: Eiko Ishioka, one of Japan’s foremost costume designers and art directors, died of pancreatic cancer Jan. 21. She was 73.

Kjeld Duits: @Courtney & LaurajuheeK: Thank you. We will all miss her.
LaurajuheeK: I haven’t known her work very well but she must be the one made the world of play more fun and unique…I’m deeply impressed by her taste and work. Too bad now we are no longer able to have her..Thanks for your info, JS!
Courtney: So much vision and influence.. I know and love her work from the Björk video, Bram Stoker’s Dracula and the huge photo book, Eiko by Eiko.. She will be missed.

Eiko on Stage

Dorothy Vacance

Jan 11 2012: Ayano “Gon” Nakayama of Dorothy Vacance transforms old men’s dress shirts into high fashion

Kim: I fell in love with her “tie collared shirt”
Kjeld Duits: @Lactose Intoler-Art: Yes, I think you have hit the nail right on the head there: very tasteful, avant-garde, and unique but also totally her and independent from any major trends influencing the Tokyo fashion scene. I love Gon’s work. She has managed to bridge the gap between other visual art and fashion, but in such a way that the results are actually wearable.
Lactose Intoler-Art: Amazing, amazing! I love her work, and the video was so great, I watched the whole thing. What I love about Gon’s style in particular is it is very tasteful, avant-garde, and unique, but I feel like it is also totally her. She doesn’t seem to defined even by Tokyo trends, but stays true to herself, and it works very, very well for her!

110605-5876 - Ayano "Gon" Nakayama of Dorothy Vacance
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