Machico's Illustrated Tights - Cute and Unique Kawaii Designs

Jun 04 2013: Japanese artist and illustrator Machico’s illustrated tights feature lovable designs of girls, bears and hearts. Truly kawaii!

consulenza d'immagine e stile: Wow! Very nice and funny stuff! I’m going to get it asap. Thanks a lot for sharing.
Kjeld Duits: @zambesi nz: Thank you. You can purchase them by clicking on the PayPal Add to Cart button above. ^^
zambesi nz: These tights are actually very unique…and cute too! I haven’t seen such tights before. I will love to get them! These tights are giving an adorable and lovely look!


50 Awesome Harajuku Hats

Feb 13 2012: Japanese love their hats and Tokyo’s Harajuku is an absolute hat heaven. Fifty awesome hats, caps and berets for you to drool over

Ales23: Hi here, my favourites are 31, 39 and 40, because these ones are the most classic and I like these kinds of hats and caps. I just started looking into in Japanese fashion styles. I'm from Europe. Have a nice day, guys!
Jasmine: I like a lot of the hats. They’re so colourful and imaginative! I know my friend Kaitlyn and probably even Katlyn (there is a difference!) and Emma who is totally into hats.
KSENiA: love them all!!! 3 and 10 are “must have” for me; 7, 24 and 39 are adorable


Some Like it Furry

Nov 28 2011: This season anything that seems even remotely furry is loved in Harajuku. From antique to fake to animal print to fluffy pink nylon garments.

111112-6795-AY: Japanese street fashion in Harajuku, Tokyo

Luscious Leggings

Dec 19 2010: Imaginative leggings are hot on the streets of Harajuku

Jamie: It has finally happened here in North America. For Christmas my girlfriend bought me a pair of women’s leggings to wear when we go out. I really enjoy wearing leggings and they are so comfortable I could wear them every day.
anuradha: this is great i was wondering if this style can be introduced in Turkey with Japon Style
Musical Shark Attack: I really like the leggings, I only own one type of leggings that are very thin and made for skiing(hitech keep you warm stuff) they are just white. GF always giggles when she sees me watching the television wearing them. I would like a few other pairs like the coloured ones from your selection. Though I could wear them with really baggy shorts on a cool day, would be awesome. When I come to Japan I will definitely buy some. Is a real shame that western society is not a little more open minded. I really think western guys are generally stuck in an insecure mind set to try these. Scarey thought is that this pseudo-colonization of the mind has spread to all corners of the world, lets hope that Japan continues to be a beacon of light in the world of individual fashion statements.

101002-7386 - Cheerful Japanese woman wearing colorful leggings

Rocking Horse Shoes in Harajuku

Dec 16 2010: Rocking horse shoes have become extremely popular in Tokyo’s Harajuku

Kjeld Duits: @hannah: Cool, I’m glad that you could find a pair that you like and that fit. Interesting to read that the people in Belgium are so surprised by these shoes. You’ll get them used to it. ^_-
hannah: I’ve got myself a pair and I really love them!! they are so comfortable and I try to wear them as often as I can, but I think people in Belgium don’t really seem to know them, because they will glaze at me with a rather confused look on their face ^^
Musical Shark Attack: I really like this style of female shoes I think they look very adorable. I am going to pester my girlfriend to get some. :) Thanks for the great work on this site.


Furry Tails and Collars

Dec 14 2010: People don’t have tails. But maybe they should have. They look pretty cool!

fotoclipping: It’s cool I think!!
zzd: i wanna be a vet when I grow up and people apparently use animals’ fur for their own personal intentions like to earn money from the people who would like to wear animal fur.I would be against that in every way.
Kjeld Duits: @Tessa: I really like them, too. They are very playful. “Everyone thinks it’s real.” — I hope some animal activist doesn’t throw a can of paint on you!


62 Rules for Living in a Forest

Sep 30 2010: Four years ago, the Mori (Forest) Girl community was launched on Mixi. It has more than 60 rules.

Princess Starlight: I am a true forest girl, I grew up in the forest. The changing seasons, the falling snow, the glittering stars. These things leave an indelible impression on a person’s soul in a unique way, bueaty so glorious you want to cry & laugh, to dance & stand very still. I no longer live in the forest but on a city block but I find the forest bueaty here too, growing in the sidewalk cracks and spreading in the branches of park trees. The peace of a forest is only to be fully grasped fully known through the Creator of the forest, the wily dandelions, and the clipped hedges we think we make to grow.
petra enloe: i think the “fair skinned” is a little racist. i feel like one can have dark skin and still look absolutely adorable dressed in the mori girl style
Kjeld Duits: @Lydianon: I must admit I am to familiar with Dark Mori, so can’t answer your question.

20 Old Uniform Hats at eBay

May 18 2010: Uniform hats are hot in Japan. I took several hours to research eBay and found 20 cool ones.

Mr.Rashid Baig: Dear Sir, We as Manufacturers and Exporters can offer you under the best and Top REPRODUCTIONS complete range of German Third Reich WW1 & WW2 Military Uniforms: GERMAN BADGES HAND/MACHINE MADE & WOVEN BEVO, GERMAN INSIGNIAS, GERMAN UNIFORMS WOOL/CAMMOU AND IN OTHER FABRICS, GERMAN FLAGS, GERMAN FIELDGEAR & COMBAT EQUIPMENT, GERMAN HATS & CAPS, GERMAN AWARDS & DECORATIONS, GERMAN METAL BADGES, GERMAN UNIFORM ACCRS, German Buttons MANY MANY STYLES, Helmet covers in Cammou & normal fabrics, All styles GERMAN BOOTS etc. We can now also offer you WW1 & 2 US MIlitary Uniforms. if you dont find any item required by you in our webpage, you can provide us your own SAMPLE or complete pictures alongwith all details. We have all the production facilities to meet your all requirements. lets join hands and we assure you will Enjoy working with us. More Information Please Visit Our Websit at If you have any question or comments please feel free to write us. Waiting Your kind and prompt reply. God Bless You and Your Family! Thanks and Best Regards, Mr.Rashid Baig CEO MW King Embroidery® International Co G.P.O.Box # 1521 Sialkot 51310 Pakistan. Tel # 0092-524-604647 Fax # 0092-524-604746 Mobile # 0092-333-7681800 URL :- E-mail :- Skype: mwkingembroidery MSN: Yahoo: rashidbaig143 Factory Address: MW King Embroidery® Street Talwara Mughlan Kingra Road Sialkot 51310 Pakistan.
Kjeld Duits: @Lactose Intoler-Art: You can use this link to our affiliate store; it displays uniform hats for sale on eBay.
Lactose Intoler-Art: I agree! (I thought I already commented on this, must have forgotten to push submit). This is a GREAT idea. Thanks for finding stuff that is relevant in Harajuku that isn’t just “Takeshita-dori kei,” if you know what I mean, haha. I put one of these on my watch items already! What did you usually search to find these hats for later reference when these disappear?

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