I Love Tokyo Style Part 1 of 2


Part 1 of over 50 photos of non-Japanese showing off their Japanese fashion styles

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The popularity of Japanese street fashion has steadily increased outside Japan the past 15 years.

This is partly thanks to Shoichi Aoki’s FRUITS book published in 2001, JAPANESE STREETS’ launch in 2002, promotion by artists like Gwen Stefani, and the growth of the internet.

The growing number of visitors to Japan has also helped. Many of them fall in love with Harajuku and its irreverent fashion styles.

Possibly the greatest catalysts are anime and manga, and the many events that have been organized for them. Due to the popularity of such events, a new type of event has come into being, celebrating Japanese pop culture in general. One of the biggest of these is the Japan Expo in Paris. Another one is Hyper Japan in London.

JAPANESE STREETS wanted to celebrate Japanese fashion styles worn by non-Japanese, so we asked for submissions of photos. We received several hundreds and selected about 50 of them.

The photos below are in no particular order. They show a variety of Japanese fashion styles. But clearly, Lolita styles are especially popular. Hopefully, the more recently developed Japanese fashion styles will also find a lot of love outside Japanese borders. We would love to introduce more such photos in another feature some time in the near future.

This is Part 1 of 2. See Part 2.

Let us know in the comments which photos on this page you liked best!


Abigail from Argentina
• Group: Kawaii Moda Argentina
• Photographer: Lucía Rodriguez
• I’m attracted to Japanese fashion because, unlike any other clothes, Japanese fashion transports me to a world of magic, fantasy, lace, ribbons, wonder and enchantment.
• My group Kawaii Moda Argentina is a local community that spreads Kawaii fashion in Argentina and shows Argentina’s Kawaii to the world.


Anne from Indonesia
• Group: I don’t belong to any group, it’s so hard to find people with the same style here in Jakarta.
• Photographer: Oky
• I have loved Japanese fashion since 2011. I like it because it makes me more feminine and girly. It mixes and matches many kinds of clothes, but it works very well! You become a new unique person with flexible fusion.


Ichigo Fujiwara from Brazil
• Brand: Lost in Dreams
• Photographer: Shisui
• I’m attracted to Japanese fashion because you can be more free to express yourself and have a lots of inspiration everywhere.
• My brand Lost in Dreams sells acessories (handmade or imported), socks and t-shirts for Brazilian girls who want to be more kawaii and stylish.


Briz Blossom from Mexico
• Photographer: Eugenia Maga
• I love Japanese Lolita fashion because I can share what I feel, my own concept of pureness and beauty to the world because there is much more in society than negativity.
• Lolitas join together in joyful meetings like tea parties or picnics where we can have a very good time.


Carmen from Germany
• Brand: Li-Paro
• Photographer: Momo Kyuuke
• I’m attracted to Japanese fashion because it’s a great and pretty way to express yourself. Every single style is so inspiring! It’s fun to combine and mix!
• At the moment we are producing one of a kind items (clothing & fashion jewelry), but soon we’ll start a small pre-order for a Lolita JSK!


Caroline Ruiz from Brazil
• Brand: Medora
• Photographer: Akasha Lincourt
• Japanese fashion is my greatest happiness! I can explore a world of dreams and creativity, and it gives me confidence to be truly myself!
• I make historical inspired handmade accessories and clothes, such as hats, bonnets, sashs, gloves, etc! Sewing is my passion!


Rika from Brazil
• Shop: le café
• Photographer: Matheus Pinheiro
• I’m attracted to Japanese fashion because it isn´t about mainstream and conformity. It is unique, fearless, highly detailed and provides freedom.
• My shop tries to ease local problems offering imported goodies and services for 8 years already and our community is growing each day.


TOP ROW (LtR): Kristen Kiel, Tai & Tola Adesokan, Shelby Foster, Molly Barnes, Kathy Raygor, Britney P.S., Laidech Miller, Melissa Lipscomb
BOTTOM ROW (LtR): Jayne Steiger, Kelley Nevermore, Thea Elisabeth, Skylar Lace, Casie Smith, Kimmah Whitemage
• From the USA
• Group: Charm City Lolitas
• Photographer: Linda Chilcote
• The Charm City Lolitas are a Baltimore, MD specific group, we enjoy the fashion, tea, museums, and hanging out with each other.

Chai-Mungcal-IMG 6758

Aian and Chai from the Philippines
• We’ve always been inspired by Japanese fashion. We love that it’s very dynamic, that it’s driven by individuality instead of fashion rules.


Charissa Korebrits from the Netherlands
• Photographer: Kai Ming Liu
• I’m attracted to Japanese fashion, because there’s a lot of attention paid to the details. These details can already make an outfit look a lot more nice and unique.


Clar Panganiban from the Philippines
• Group: OTAGEKI
• Photographer: Noel Reyes
• I’m attracted to Japanese fashion because it is expressive, fun, and liberated. It doesn’t have any limits to how intricate or beautiful you want your style to be.
• We are a Philippines based group dedicated to cosplay and Japanese fashion. We attend and organize related events.
• The Rilakkuma dress is based on a design by Julie Doll


Claudita Wiley from Peru
• Photographer: Jon Wiley
• I love kawaii and Harajuku styles and find equilibrium between the two. It allows me to use cute accessories like my big Rilakkuma bag.


• (LtR) Essy, Mei, Dania from the USA
• Japanese fashion makes me feel happy, fun, different, unique and forever young! It’s a great refresher from monotonous US fashion.


Olli Kram from Mexico
• Brand: PonPon by Daniela Mg.
• Photographer: Mario Aragón
• I’m attracted to Japanese fashion because it breaks all the rules about colors, textures and times. It’s about more than the clothes, it’s about the person that creates the look.
PonPon was my college project about Japanese fashion and Kawaii. I design clothes, and accessories inspired by famous kawaii icons.


Kimono de Jack in the UK
• We get together dressed in kimono, and have been meeting up for nearly 4 years. We have members from Australia, Japan, the Netherlands, Spain, Poland, and the UK. You don’t have to wear kimono to join in the fun.


Ellis Greer from the USA
• Group: Atlanta Lolita Community
• Photographer: Brittany Kurz
• I’m attracted to Japanese fashion because there are a lot of rules to follow when you wear western fashion. I can only be free to express my creativity with Japanese fashion.
• Our group comes together several times a month to have fun dressed in lolita fashion. We go out to eat, visit new places, and shop together.


Ely from Uruguay
• Group: Uruguay Lolita Community The Tea Saloon
• Photographer: Costa Favolosa Cruise
• I like Japanese fashion because it’s really inspiring, beautiful and original. The bell shape and high waist of Lolita style skirts and dresses in particular are really flattering. I also like Gyaru style because it’s feminine, delicate and cute.


Federica Hyrule from Italy
• Group: Harajuku Fashion Walk Pescara
• I have followed Japanese street fashion since 2008 and have a blog. I truly love the genuine passion Japanese people have for fashion and also their creativity in everything.
• In 2012 my friends and I launched the Harajuku Fashion Walk Pescara. I really wish to share Japanese fashion everywhere, also in a really grey city like mine!


Gaëlle Roques from France
• Photographer: Laurence J.
• I’m attracted to Japanese fashion because it enables you to be yourself and express your personnality through what you choose to wear


Chokoichigo from Italy
• Group: Harajuku Fashion Walk Pescara
• Photographer: Avantphoto
• Japanese fashion for me is a great way to express my personality without being judged. Every time I wear lolita and gyaru, my favorite styles, I feel free to express myself.
• I’m one of the administrators of Harajuku Fashion Walk Pescara. This group was born with the aim to gather people who love Japanese fashion in and around Abruzzo, a small region in the centre of Italy.


Helene Nanami Ramsøe from Norway
• Group: J-fashion
• Photographer: Kjetil Photography
• I’m attracted to Japanese street fashion because it breaks the rules of fashion and allows you to express your true self.
• There aren’t many people wearing Japanese fashion in Norway, so our group meets to share our passion with like minded fashion lovers.


Ian Cartalaba from the Philippines
• Brand: Forestale Shop
• Photographer: Arsia Studios
• I have always been attracted to Japanese fashion because it is different, out of the ordinary and very creative. As someone who works in the fashion industry, Japanese street style will always be an inspiration.
• My shop – Forestale shop – is my Mori style line featuring my own designs of Mori Girl inspired clothing and accessories. I also cater vintage and upcycled clothings.


Eterno Silencio from Spain
• Group: Lolita en Nuncaxamais
• I like Japanese clothing, especially Visual Kei and Gothic, because it’s creative. The clothes are comfortable and you can find anything from simple to more elaborate items. It’s easy to find things you like.
• I belong to a community of Japanese culture in Spain called Lolita en Nuncaxamais. We meet and create events to explain styles like Lolita, Visual Kei, etc. We also visit museums.


Pengu from the USA
• Group: Houston Lolita Community
• Photographer: Jessamyn De Vos at Fox & Lion Photography
• I’m attracted to Japanese fashion because I love how flexible the styles are, how easy it is to mix and match, and how accepting the communities are. It has given me confidence that I never had before. Japanese fashion has become such a big part of me now that I don’t think I’ll be able to live without it.
• I attend local fashion meetups with the Houston Lolita Community. I’m also working with a couple of friends on getting a Mori/Natural kei community started.

Karen by Militza

Militza from Mexico
• Photographer: Militza
• I grew up whatching anime and reading manga. I was a harcore Sailor Moon fan, and that’s where my interest for Japanese culture was born.
• I’m an plastic artist and I try to create alternative realities in different media like video, fashion, and photography.

This is Part 1 of 2. See Part 2.

Kjeld Duits About the Author

Inspired by the stunningly creative street fashion that exploded on the streets of Tokyo and Osaka in the late 1990’s, photo-journalist Kjeld Duits launched JAPANESE STREETS in 2002. This makes JS one of the first fashion blogs on the net, and the very first to cover Japanese street fashion.

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Comment (日本語もOK)

I was really looking forward to this project ! It’s so beautiful to see Japanese fashion inspiring so many people from all over the world.

May 4, 2014 (3725 days ago)

It’s great how the japanese style makes also western people very Japanese once they wear these creative outfits!

May 4, 2014 (3725 days ago)

This is a really cool project~ I had no time to post anything because of exams, but I definitely will if you do this (or something similar to this) again~ <3

May 4, 2014 (3725 days ago)

@Ninon: Thank you, Ninon. Glad you like this project. It was actually inspired by one of our fans!
@Anpan: Looking forward to that, Anpan. I’m pretty sure we will do this again. ^^

Kjeld Duits (author)
May 4, 2014 (3725 days ago)

I really liked Clar Panganiban from the Philippines, maybe it’s because of my love for Rilakkuma x)

Mathilde Severinsen
May 5, 2014 (3724 days ago)

It makes me happy to see people from all around the world (and even one from my country) who dress however they want no matter where they live!

May 6, 2014 (3723 days ago)

I really liked to see the outfits that were not lolita style because it’s really uncommon to see something like this here in Germany.

May 20, 2016 (2979 days ago)

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