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Style: Hip Hop

T-Shirt – Adidas Jeremy Scott
Pants – KTZ & cassette player
Shoes – NIKE

Friday April 30, 2010
Kjeld Duits: @roro: You are right; I hadn’t noticed that actually!
roro: wow he has beautiful lips
Kjeld Duits: @Natasha: They are very colorful. They remind me of the surf fashion I saw in Hawaii when I lived there.


Style: Casual

Cardigan – UNIQLO
T-Shirt – N/A

Thursday April 29, 2010
Etsune: Am I the only one who doesn’t think she looks pure Japanese? I know I call it a lot, but seriously. Look at her. It’s her face structure and the paleness of her skin that lead me to believe this. Seriously, though. Am I the only one?
vina: u’re so cute
Kjeld Duits: @Jini: I understand!


Style: Casual

Jacket – fullnelson
Shirt – anrealage

Wednesday April 28, 2010
Karol: he’s so well put together <3
Kjeld Duits: @hello: How can a student be so rich? — Living at home, while having a part-time job and receiving an allowance from the parents. Additionally, by focusing on fashion almost exclusively. I used to also ask people how much of their disposable income they spend on fashion. It was often 80-90%. Quite a few of these people spend all their free time and money on fashion.
hello: How can a student be so rich? :P Anyway, he looks good! Love the blueness of that jacket.


Style: Mori Girl (Forest Girl)

Dress – calt party
Stole – N/A
Bag – N/A

Tuesday April 27, 2010
Emi Kusano: @Leila Silva: I never realize her stole of knitting brings on the attention to the face! Thanks for the comment! @Yah Rah:I know! I like how she uses bright color and black! @Berry: Thanks for the comment, yes I agree with you! I like how she pose! @ojisanbaka: kawaii princess!
nanaa: OMG, she’s cute~ but i have to admit, even her bag is adorable, but it isn’t match. and i agreed to gion. it’s really hard to find shoes with s,m,l size, it’s better with number~
Kjeld Duits: @Lactose Intoler-Art: Glad to have been of some help!


Style: Casual

Shirt – Aporo
Shorts – Boy
Boots – N/A

Monday April 26, 2010
Emi Kusano: @carla: Yeah I agree with Kjeld. That’s why he calls himself goofy. @kagistune: Isn’t he cute? I like his shorts. @Trinity & Tofu: Yes I want one of those bow tie. I think it would matched with my black clothes. @Berry: I like his hair color too! It really suits him and matches with his coordinate. @ojisanbaka: I love black too. Recently I’m quit often in all black. @Lautose Intoler-Art: Hey Brandon! It’s shorts actually when I interview him if he wants to go for skirt, he said he doesn’t have a guts to do that instead he wears culottes.
Kjeld Duits: @Lactose Intoler-Art: Emi jotted it down as shorts, so they probably are. And yes, skirts, kilts, dresses, kaftans and shirts used as such are very popular at the moment. I did an article on it last November: Men Go For Skirts.
Lactose Intoler-Art: Are those actually shorts or is it a skirt? I’ve seen a lot of ura-hara kei dudes wearing long skirts/kilts, etc lately! And sooo many streetstyle guys wearing cool headbands! I love the all black with the pop of color. Awesome. And the flat boots are cool.


Style: Mori Girl (Forest Girl)

Cardigan – Haight & Ashbory (used)
Dress – Haight & Ashboy

Sunday April 25, 2010
2otaku: Looked like she just got out of bed to She’s cute.
Marie Sasago: @Lactose Intoler-Art: Thanks for the comment! I feel the same way. If it was a gyaru fashion girl who had this bag, I wouldn’t like it but it really fits Marino-shi! @Tofu: So do I! It’s so feminine and clean!! @Diandra: Yeah, I hadn’t seen many Mori-girls, so I was so happy to find her! @Leila Silva: Exactly! I can’t agree with you enough:)!! @JESSU: Yeah:) It’s very easy to match with other pieces as well! @sandy: Je ne parle pas Francais mais merci! Is it a quote or something? Thanks for the comment anyway!
sandy: “je dormais et je me suis réveillé, un numéro3 jaune énorme se faufilait sous mes escarpins rouges, j’avais juste oublié mon filet…”