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Style – Gothic Lolita

Thursday May 6, 2010
Animeche: Definitely… lolita style just look amazing in japanese girls. Gorgeous!!!
Kjeld Duits: @gionbaby: Thanks. Usually you’d say, it keeps me off the streets, but in my case, it actually keeps me on the streets! It is wonderful to hear that you enjoy following JAPANESE STREETS. Since we changed the design of JS in February, I think it has become much easier to create a conversation about Japanese fashion and to actually interact with everybody. I really enjoy it myself!
gionbaby: @Kjeld Duits: I know it was only a joke, but it reminded me of Magibon and I couldn’t help mentioning her. (>.<;) I just read your short bio on your website. You are truly fantastic. What an awesome career! =O Congratulations. Yeah, I shall do that. I really enjoy following this website, posting comments and reading other people’s comments and responses. And I’m already excited about the possibility of meeting you. \(^ __ ^)/


Style: Casual

Coat – Ninja
Pants – N/A
Sneakers – Adidas

Wednesday May 5, 2010
dale nachi: great photography! does anyone know the website from where he got the coat. i know its called ninja. but. ninja and clothes and tokyo :P only lead to actual ninjas :(
agentrockett: dope photography!
Kjeld Duits: Oh wow, Sandy, your English is excellent. No need for me to translate…


Muffler – N/A
Dress – N/A

Tuesday May 4, 2010
Kjeld Duits: @Lactose Intoler-Art: Until just a few days ago it was still pretty cold in Japan. This must have been the worst spring I have ever experienced in this country. It has been a disaster for farmers, and as a result vegetables are very expensive at the moment.
Lactose Intoler-Art: Great to see Osaka style! Isn’t it a little warm for these clothes though?
Kjeld Duits: @nanaa: Tomomi was actually quite shy when I took her photographs. I think you can kind of see that in her low-key smile.


Style: Lolita

Skirt – N/A (KINJI)
Stuffed Animal – PANAMA BOY

Monday May 3, 2010
chicken: I’d say she was an angel, but she looks more like the adorable queen of angels~ it’s… almost too much adorableness to take in, really <3 my goodness, I love this
Kjeld Duits: @kinostreet: Yes, it does. She is adorable.
kinostreet: She’s so pretty! I love the small changes of her mouth in pic 2 and 3! Makes her look even more innocent and childlike!


Jacket – Kita-kore
Skirt – Spank!
Sneakers – Adidas Original

Sunday May 2, 2010
Kjeld Duits: @Daphne: This is the straight link to the Condomania site. They have a huge selection in their online store (links to categories are on the top right), but I couldn’t find the cases with condoms that Yui wears. If you don’t read Japanese yet, I recommend using Rikaichan.
Emi Kusano: @Daphne You can buy it at the shop called Condomania that’s where she got, i am not sure if they still have them or be on the web?
Daphne: Haha.. didn’t know condoms can be used as phone straps.. Is it being sold anywhere on the web?


Blouse – N/A
Skirt – (self-made)
Umbrella – N/A

Saturday May 1, 2010
Kjeld Duits: @Bahoban Lawless: Yes, that’s Kura’s real hair. Sorry to hear that you can’t wear what you want.
Bahoban Lawless: is that his real hair??? is amazing,,,, i love it!!!,, btw… greetings from Mexico, I’m in love with Japan Style,, here is imposible to wear like that, people here is so mean.. :(
NucleolusEgoist: All I complain about is her shoes and the Mexican-like design at the hem of her dress.