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Jacket – (self-made)
Skirt – N/A
Leggings – N/A
Shoes – Adidas

Visitor at the GUT’S DYNAMITE CABARETS show at the Japan Fashion Week in Tokyo.

Saturday March 27, 2010
Kjeld Duits: @Anna: Anzu is a wonderful person and a lot fun to be with!
Anna Hoskin: she’s so happy and adorable, it really comes across in her style, too.
Kjeld Duits: @ojisanbaka: Those lips are really cute, eh! I forgot to ask her if she actually uses them as a pocket. I think they are only for display. I thought of my lips are sealed when I photographed them.


Coat – Damir Doma
Shirt – Miharu Yasuhiro
Boots – The Viridianne

Visitor at show during the Japan Fashion Week in Tokyo.

Wednesday March 24, 2010
Model Girls On Motor Show: like muslim people wear. whatever I like hair style. thanks for share.
Lactose Intoler-Art: @Gionbaby Thanks so much! I’m really glad you like my art! :) @Kjeld Duits ..I have been following this site since 2005. I LOVE it. The new look for the siteis so refreshing and up to date. Best of luck to you guys, and although I check multiple Japanese street style site, you guys WERE the first for me. Thank you!
Kjeld Duits: Thank you so much, gionbaby, Lactose Intoler-Art, Ackm Antz, Trinity Cooper and ojisanbaka. I really enjoy seeing all your different opinions!


Jacket – Spiral Girl
Cardigan – Forever 21
Dress – Indio
Leggings – N/A
Shoes – N/A

Visitor at araisara show during the Japan Fashion Week in Tokyo.

Wednesday March 24, 2010
Kjeld Duits: @Lactose Intoler-Art & yoitzo: The hat and bag were what especially drew me to Kana. I saw her enter the show and ran out immediately after it finished in order to be able to wait for her outside the hall.
Fashion Of Independence Day: i think this girl is a teen model and perfect fashion wear for teen girls. thanks for your exclusive photo shoot
yoitzo: the hat and the bag is literally making me drool. The entire outfit is really hot and the periwinkle jacket gives it a soft side.


Jacket – Bread n Butter
Dress- Bread n Butter

Visitor at ENTOPTIC show during the Japan Fashion Week in Tokyo.

Tuesday March 23, 2010
Kjeld Duits: @Olivia: and it especially looks beautiful on Sachi, don’t you think?
Olivia Sutton: I love the outfit. Again, SOmething I would most definately wear(:
ojisanbaka: and her boots! are totally awesome!


Dress – Snidel
Boots – Burberry

Visitor at ENTOPTIC show during the Japan Fashion Week in Tokyo.

Tuesday March 23, 2010
Kjeld Duits: @laura_sayuri: Hitomi sports a very different look from the people we usually photograph. Glad you like her style!
laura_sayuri: I love her whole look,from the hair to the boots,she is colour-coordinating perfectly,and I specially like how she keeps it elegant.Very cute!!
Kjeld Duits: You are right, clea, she is indeed in harmony with her style. I like how you expressed that!