Japanese Make Over of Italian Oldie

Dec 11 2009: Japanese head-wear designer Yoshinori Nakamura has taken the Coppola, the traditional flat cap worn in Sicily, and given it Japanese playfulness and panache.

Nao Okamura: Thanks for your comments:) yes yes! I like the pink one too!! there are some other designs too for the pink one.
wowchicken: Ooooooooooo, I like the pink flat hat. It looks so chic <3 It does have a cozy feel to it! lol It’d be nice to go there.
Jini: oh~ nice :D i like the fabrics and prints he uses~ the shop looks cosy too, maybe because it’s that small? ^^


Buddhist Street Flair

Aug 12 2009: Add some spiritual flavor to your fashion style

wowchicken: Yeah, the cell phone cases are really nice, and a cute place to put your cell phone. Love the oriental design.
Kjeld Duits: Those designs go back hundreds of years, and they’re still really cool. I wonder how many of today’s big names in design and fashion still have their designs in use a few hundred years from now!
Jini: ooh yes, i love the prints on the cell phone cases as well!! the shirts too ^^

Kohtoriya Buddhist Fashion

Tokyo's Hidden Secrets 2

Jul 15 2009: TokyoMade dig up more treasures this week. Discover funky galleries and event spaces showcasing up-and-coming Japanese creators.

Deanne Tonking: ANJJ I totally agree and the cool thing is it is easy to get lost!
wowchicken: Wow..those shops look absolutely stunning. I would like to go there someday…..
ANJJ: it’s amazing how you can find the best spots in tokyo by getting lost __

Tokyo's Hidden Secrets 1

Jul 08 2009: Hidden in the back streets of Tokyo lie secret treasures that even Tokyoites themselves barely know. Funky galleries, shops and event spaces showcasing up-and-coming Japanese creators and their works. This week, TokyoMade, enthusiastic supporters of independent Japan-based design and creation, take you on a tour to discover them.

heather: hey not sure if you can help but i have a london based fashion label that i would love to be selling in japan ….. i just dont know where to start with finding a good agent over there? can you help in anyway with this question?
rumlada: please do more of these (updated) :D!
Kjeld Duits: @ANJJ: It has remained a place of creativity. ;-)

Pink and Pretty

Jun 07 2009: Angelic Pretty, one of Japan’s top brands for Lolita fashion

Kjeld Duits: @Ellie: Glad we were one of the first to mention it! ^^
Ellie: I love seeing them talk about how they were wishing to open a store in the us… and now its a reality!!! ^^
Squishy: I saw Angelic Pretty in Kyoto but my exchange group was leaving before the store could open, I live for lolita and to this day I still feel like crying at the memory. When I honeymoon in Japan I am going to Tokyooo! I wish to meet Maki & Asuka one day!


Modern Kimono at Tokyo 135˚

Dec 02 2008: The Tokyo 135˚ shop is hidden away on the second floor in a small building on a back street of Harajuku. If you don’t know it is there, you’ll most probably never find it. You’d miss out on Harajuku’s best modern kimono shop.

Kjeld Duits: Thanks, Mirjam. The best of the old with the best of the new. I like that a lot. Expect more cool finds like this over the next few months.
kmirjam: traditional & new. ecletick, but good. i like it!
Kjeld Duits: This is one of my favorite stores in Harajuku! Do go and check it out.



Sep 18 2008: Walking into the tiny Wagado shop in Osaka’s Amerika Mura is like entering a cave made out of clothes. It is dark and there are clothes all over. On the walls, hanging from racks, and even hanging from the ceiling.

MoonBerry: Hm…it seems like a fashion that depends strictly on how you think things should fit. I like it, though. It seems unique and real.

The coolest store no one knows of

Jul 20 2008: Ever heard of Bedrock? No? Well, its only one of the coolest stores in Tokyo. There’s a rumor that it lies down a spiral staircase that can only be accessed through the back of a café at the lower end of Omotesando Hills…

k-mu: do you suppose they are still open? I know how boutiques like to die out as quickly as they are brought in…
deizaru: yes, one of the coolest stores in the world, i’d say. i’m glad people are finally finding it.
Max Hodges: thanks for telling me about this store Misha!
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