Japanese Company Turns Font Types into Glasses

Jan 23 2014: A Japanese company has designed glasses based on famous fonts

Kjeld Duits: @Emma: Glad you like them, Emma. I am a glasses person myself and these designs inspire me. I hope they lead to more exciting designs (at affordable prices).
Emma: Gah! These are so cool! I’d love a pair of the clear frames. It’s hard to find glasses that are simple yet sleek; most are covered with logos, ick.

Glasses from Japan inspired by fond types

Bunka Fashion College Fashion Contest

Jan 22 2014: Today, the venerable Bunka Fashion College Fashion Contest took place. JAPANESE STREETS was there to photograph the winners

Kjeld Duits: @fatcatinthehat: I would buy that. ^^
fatcatinthehat: That glowing backpack by Naotoshi Seki stole my heart. Awesome design!
appletoad: Wow, some of those are pretty wild!


Happy New Year 2014!

Dec 31 2013: JAPANESE STREETS wishes you the very best for 2014

Christina: Happy New Year!
Kimi: Happy New Year to you too!
Mögel: Happy New Year :)

Happy New Year 2014

100 Coolest Harajuku Foot Gear of 2013 — Straight from Tokyo

Dec 31 2013: Harajuku’s coolest shoes, boots, and other foot gear of 2013

Carrott: Gosh!…My head spins round under such a dose of the every women’s drug – SHOES!! I love a couple of from above, especially “mary jane style” ones. <3<3<3


50 Coolest Harajuku Looks of 2013 — Straight from Tokyo

Dec 29 2013: From Decora to Steampunk, the 50 coolest Harajuku looks of 2013

Kjeld Duits: @Danielle: Thanks, Danielle. Glad you liked Ootomi’s look. Both her style and her personality are unique. I had lots of fun both shooting and talking with her!
Danielle: Yay! My favourite one of this year was Ootomi! Glad she made it onto the list! Definitely something approachable about her style. Love it. Keep up the great work!
Kjeld Duits: @Cakes with Faces & Kimi: Thanks. Decora kind of made a comeback this year. Let’s see if it lasts.


rooms February 2012

Dec 10 2013: JAPANESE STREETS visits rooms, Tokyo’s most popular fashion trade show


20th Harajuku Fashion Walk

Nov 24 2013: JAPANESE STREETS photographed the 20th Harajuku Fashion Walk today.

Kjeld Duits: @yura: Coming up soon. I did a shoot with Lisa that day. ^^
yura: anooo…. can i ask u something??? why u didn’t capture and pic of lisa 13? hehe i’m asking this because i’m a fan of her~ >w<
Kjeld Duits: @beatriz: Yes, you’d expect that a little girl would be easily intimidated by Kyouka’s style, but I guess that children do indeed look into the hearts of people. ^_-


Bunka Fashion College Culture Festival 2013

Nov 04 2013: JAPANESE STREETS visited the Bunka Fashion College Bunkasai. This year’s Culture Festival celebrated the 90th anniversary since the school was founded

Kjeld Duits: @Bushae: Glad you like it, Bushae!
Bushae: Oh my God, all of these outfits are GLORIOUS!!! 8D thank you so much for sharing, Mr. Kjeld

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