Found in Translation

Jul 12 2006: Onitsuka Tiger has created a site to showcase Anglo-Japanese creativity: Found in Translation “It’s about the new wave replacing old cliche’s,” boasts the new site, “originality over-riding stereotypes.”


Jun 19 2006: Polish serigraphy artist and painter Agnieszka Ledochowska used photographs of Japanese street fashion taken by Kjeld Duits for some amazing art work.

Largest Anime Center to Open

Mar 12 2006: Japan’s largest anime center opens in Akihabara this Wednesday.

Men's Non-No

Mar 06 2006: “Men’s Non-No” is one of many fashion magazines aimed at fashion-conscious Japanese men. It is the bible of Japanese men’s fashion and leads the way with a comprehensive overview of new trends and styles for young men all around Japan.

amad: plz setd me a catalo.thanks for ur kinds.
Kinoko: the link for Men’s Non-no(Japanese) is not working.
NiCHASIE': I need these mags! How do I get them?

Open Your Clothes

Mar 02 2006: A unique Japanese community for people who love clothes.

International Design Competition

Feb 16 2006: Gen Art, a non-profit organization that showcases the top emerging talent in fashion, film and the visual arts, announces “Gen Art Styles 2006 International Design Competition.”

Book about Comme des Garçons

Dec 27 2005: Heibonsha Limited Publishers has published a book about famed Japanese fashion label Comme des Garçons.

Kjeld Duits: @Yocelyn: You can get Unlimited Comme des Garçons at Amazon. The price has gone up since the book first came out, but you can get it at about the original price when you buy it used (through the above link). Seeing how much the price has gone up since I wrote this article in 2005, the book may actually be kind of a good investment. ^_-
Yocelyn: Hello, I would to ask where may I buy the book of comme does garçons here in US? Thank you very much.

Comme Des Garçons

Shaved Eyebrows Banned

May 16 2005: School bans four students with shaved eyebrows from opening day ceremony

Talia: Is it like…a status thing? I thought it was just fashionable. Some schools are just too strict…I like the subtle differences in people
Allie: I used to shave my eyebrows, but its only because I couldn’t afford to get them done properly. If the girls were smart they would just cut themselves a fringe to cover where you shaved your eyebrows. It worked for me. Except I looked retarted.
mmilk: stupid. crazy.

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