Kansai Shows Off

Apr 14 2008: Japanese fashion designer Kansai Yamamoto and the Edo-Tokyo Museum collaborate to show the impact of traditional culture using the designer’s bold designs as a starting point.

Trembled Blossoms

Apr 04 2008: What do Prada, actress Minami and Laforet Shopping mall in Harajuku have in common? The most original dress ever seen in a sleepy Aoyama town, that’s what…

Tokyo Swarovski Bash

Mar 29 2008: Swarovski is pulling its weight in crystal with the opening of their first ever flagship store in Ginza and the biggest bash of the year so far at Meiji Picture Memorial with more celebs in tow than you can throw a fistfull of rhinestones at.

This is Tokyo

Mar 26 2008: I just found a wonderful video clip of Tokyo that is probably one of the best that I have ever seen. It contains some scenes that appear a bit outdated, but most show the Tokyo that I know and love.

Japanese Schoolgirls

Mar 25 2008: Fans of Japanese schoolgirl culture will enjoy watching this video clip of the song Aitakatta by girl group AKB48. It features Pocky, keitai, school uniforms and even the ubiquitous keitai straps.

New Fashion Blog

Mar 23 2008: Japan Times fashion columnist Misha Janette will start blogging about Japanese fashion on JAPANESE STREETS starting this week.

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Cosplay in Osaka

Mar 20 2008: Nippon Street Festa Osaka, one of Osaka’s largest public cosplay events, took place on March 20. It was attended by some 200,000 people, of which more than 1,000 were actual cosplayers.

sandeep: i want all the photoes from the site

Design Competition

Mar 18 2008: Gen Art invites you to compete in Styles 2008 International Design Competition, a program for emerging fashion designers in the US.
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