Visual Kei Fashion

Aug 21 2008: Early August, the disbanded visual kei band Phantasmagoria gave a surprise one-time-only concert at Amerika Mura in Osaka. We photographed some of their fans.

Kitty: i love visual kei! i love being unique and the style makes me feel that way. the only thing i dont like is doing my hair for special occasions. =_=0
yana: I have pink hair like JUN he is my favorite from phantasmagoria<3 I love MAGO:*^^
AnCafe: first i <3 Riku ome he is so cute and second it is a GUY not a irl and ya he has the most awesome fashion ever!!!

Win a Free Trip to Japan!

Aug 06 2008: Japan youth fashion giant Marui has announced a unique fashion contest for non-Japanese. The Grand Prize is a FREE trip to Japan for two persons.

n: im in!!!!
kiana strnger: i really hope i win i want to make some awesome japanese friends sweet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
kiana strnger: i ave always wante to go to japan and I LOVE ANIME!!!!!!!!

Colored Contact Damage

Jul 18 2008: Colored contact lenses that alter the color of the pupils have become extremely popular among trendy Japanese the past few years as we have recorded in photo after photo. These days, some 5 million of them are sold in Japan every year.

Style Deficit Disorder

Jul 17 2008: A new book on Harajuku helps you dive deep into Japan’s coolest youth culture district.

Designer Survival Guide

Jul 14 2008: The revised edition of The Fashion Design Survival Guide was brought out by Kaplan Publishing this month.

Good Music, Fresh Visuals

Jul 11 2008: If you are based in or around Tokyo you should check out the “Tokyo. Ten” exhibition at Meguro’s recently renewed and super trendy boutique hotel – Claska. The show, which runs to July 27th, is the brainchild of W + K Tokyo Lab – a curious hybrid label specializing in music and visuals.

Rico Archives first Installation

Apr 19 2008: At Rico Archives’ installation last week, a leaping male ballet dancer with a star tattoo on his cheek twirling and sashaying about stole the spotlight in the debut show

Patrick Stephan Making a Mark on Tokyo

Apr 15 2008: In 2000, Patrick Stephan moved to Japan to begin his highly conceptual brand with abstract couture-like acccessories made of safetypins, hair clips, and tarnished tin. More interesting every season…
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