Buy J-Fashion Mags Online

Dec 09 2008: Recently lots of people have been asking us where to buy the Japanese fashion magazines that we list in our directory. Here is a brief list of places where you can buy them online.

a c y h o z: thank you so much for sharing this!!
Bec: Sometimes if you are lucky and live near a big newsagent they have a section of foreign magazines. So do many airport newsagents. I suggest you check their before online as you might find some cool things you’ve never heard of and can add to your list of magazines to buy online,
Kjeld Duits: @Roy: 本屋さんで買えます。

Japanese Streets Store

Dec 08 2008: We often get questions about where a specific clothing item can be bought, where to buy Japanese fashion magazines, or how to get a particular cool anime character. Now you can get them at the Japanese Streets Store!

Naked Tokyo:2008

Dec 05 2008: Naked Tokyo is an international collective of photographers who apply their signature styles to interpreting Japan’s capital by revealing a small sliver of the Naked Tokyo within.

Ernesto: k-mu, thanks very much for your nice comments on my “Homeless in Tokyo” series. The men on the pictures were very friendly and dignified. I tried to portray them in that way.
Kjeld Duits: Thank you so much for the feedback, k-mu. I am really sorry that I have to miss it. I would have loved to see the Homeless in Tokyo series.
k-mu: They were so good! I loved the “Homeless in Tokyo series” and the “Night Play” series. The pictures of the guy with the bag on his head was too funny! Most of them were already sold when I went. Also, Rick Balia’s photo’s of the Harajuku girls were beautiful! The colors were really striking.

Tokyo Decadance Photos

Dec 01 2008: In October we covered the Tokyo Decadance Halloween party in Tokyo. We took some fun shots.

Kjeld Duits: Hi k-mu, thanks for your impressions. In the past there has been pole-dancing at the Tokyo Decadance parties as well, so yes, it can get a bit wild, I guess. Good to hear that you enjoyed it.
k-mu: I went to this! A friend and I went when it first started. The costumes were amazing! We even got pics with most of the people you have here on the website. The musical acts were really awesome, too. My friend went nuts over Rolly and I loved the Dead Sexy Inc. band. That party seemed to be an all-nighter, since we left round 3 AM and people were still coming in. I recommend that you should at least go to one in your life! Although beware, I didn’t know this was sort of a S/M party, but I didn’t feel uncomfy.

Tokyo Decadance Party

Oct 13 2008: Tokyo’s celebrated underground event Tokyo Decadance is celebrating its 3rd anniversary on Sat Oct 25. Tokyo Decadance mixes cyber, goth and other subcultures to come up with something that is truly unique and authentically Tokyo.

Kio: Tokyo Decadance in Spain:
kmirjam: your welcome!
Kjeld Duits: Thanks, Mirjam!

Murakami in Germany

Oct 05 2008: The most comprehensive retrospective to date of the works of Takashi Murakami are on show at the Museum of Modern Art in Frankfurt, Germany. If you are nearby, this is worth a visit!

Visual Kei Paradise

Sep 17 2008: The fourth INDIVIDUAL FASHION EXPO IV will be held on Tuesday, September 23. This event features fashion shows by major visual kei, gothic lolita, goth and other brands, as well as live performances by Plastic Tree, jealkb and Wakeshima Kanon (文島花音). Open to all!

Hurry to Win Japan Trip!

Sep 12 2008: The deadline for the Marui fashion contest for non-Japanese is on Sep 15. Hurry to win a FREE trip to Japan for two persons!

sami singh: man i just heard about it my email was down damnit now im sad
vna: oh i see, but i’ll wait another year~ haha, thanks for the wishes anyway, i’ll keep it till next year!. , i wanted to have a design of my own and because combining clothes together might get messy and its more costy + tomorrow is the deadline!!>.< haha! thanks for the info!
Kjeld Duits: vna: This week I met and talked with Marui representatives and got the impression the contest will be an annual event. You don’t have to create something completely new, though. You can use your originality to combine and adapt used clothing to make something that is Japanese. I wish you much success!
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