An Eye for Details

Jun 16 2009: Colored or special effect contact lenses are hugely popular in Japan, among both fashionistas and cosplayers. With cosplay spreading all over the world, such contact lenses are now increasingly being used outside Japan, too.

Kjeld Duits: I think so, too, Joeyoeyannanna and wowchicken!
wowchicken: So cool. I like the one with the purple tint. :)
Joeyoeyannanna: Woah! the girl on the top’s eyes look really cool

Fashion Events in Tokyo

Jun 10 2009: Lots of large fashion events coming up in Tokyo over the next 6 months. Here is a list.

prateek: Hello..this is Prateek from India…. i love Japanese fashion a lot… i am a design student in India..i want to work and study in Japan..Please suggest me some institutes and Designers where i can send my portfolio . thank you :)
Kjeld Duits: I have been to most and I can tell you that they are all lots of fun. The Tokyo Girls Collection is wild, not like any fashion show you have ever been to.
Hanjo: Oh my God, I would love to see them all! I used to work in fashion in my country and… well, it must be great here, as japanese fashion world seems to be more open to young designers and new, out of the box ideas… or at least this is what I see :)

Fashion Events

J-Fashion Magazines

Apr 11 2009: One question we get asked over and over again, is where you can buy Japanese fashion magazines.

MoonBerry: Oh, the clothes there are so pretty. My friend and I both try are hardest to follow these fashions because they’re so unique! We pick up every fashion magazine that we can!
moo moo: i think that the fashion in japan is very trendy ans I give it two years and I bet that the peoplein the states will be dressing like you guys

Cosplayers Invade Osaka

Mar 21 2009: March 20 saw the largest public cosplay event Osaka has experienced so far. This year’s Nippon Street Festa Osaka attracted an incredible crowd.

Harajuku Night in London

Feb 25 2009: London based Criminal Records UK is hosting the second night of their new residency, Harajuku, on Friday, February 27.

asia: hi im asia
Kjeld Duits: For this event, you will have to travel to London, but of course we will also list events in Japan again. Thanks for the shout, Aimee. Glad you love your your new headphones! I’ll be introducing more goodies from Japan, soon.
Aimee: This sounds like so much fun! If we get a chance to travel to Japan I will have to be sure to check your site for events that we can attend. :) I have been loving my headphones by the way, and gave a shout out on my blog too! Thank you again!

Harajuku Night London

Nipponbashi Cosplay Matsuri

Feb 10 2009: Layered reports that Nipponbashi Cosplay Matsuri, also known as Nippon Street Festa Osaka, one of Osaka’s largest public cosplay events, will take place on March 20.

Kjeld Duits: Hi Aimee, maybe you can be there next year. The event is growing every year and is now truly something worth traveling to Japan for.
Aimee: That looks like so much fun! I wish that I could be there in person, but the photos are amazing!

10 J-Goods for the Holidays

Dec 15 2008: It is the holiday season! I had a good browse in our brand new JAPANESE STREETS store to look for some cool goods from Japan for you to give, receive, or buy for yourself (why wait?).

Kjeld Duits: Thank you, Aimee. They are really cool, aren’t they? I love to see a photo of you wearing them! I am sending you happy, positive, healing vibes for Yoshi.
Aimee: Thank you Kjeid! I gave in and ordered the headphones! I will be sure to write about them when they arrive and link back to your gorgeous site. :)
Kjeld Duits: Thanks, Aimee. Those headphones are super cool, aren’t they! And I love the ring, too.

Selling a Bit of Japan

Dec 14 2008: Japanese pop culture is slowly but surely eating away the cultural stronghold that the US has kept for more than half a century. From manga to animated movies to food, Japanese influence is increasing worldwide.

Kjeld Duits: I don’t think so. I think it is very healthy competition. Until now, Japan has never tried really hard to export much of this stuff, especially TV dramas. The Korean pressure is making Japanese producers take a second look, though.
Crazypiggy: Love Domo. I’m so very happy that there are more and more Japanese products available in the US. But my question: Is Japan losing some of it’s ground in Asia with the K-pop and K-Drame and such?
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