Japan's Hidden Cool

Sep 22 2009: Starting in October, JAPANESE STREETS will start a new series of articles introducing some of the coolest places to visit in Japan. Find out where they are and what shops and restaurants are recommended.

Jini: i’d love too help!!! but lol idk what the names are of all the places i went T___T

Deliciously Issey Miyake

Jul 26 2009: Japanese fashion designer Issey Miyake is especially well-known for creating new materials. His most famous invention, Pleats Please, was recently deliciously transformed by Taku Satoh Design Office.

Tokyo Fashion Map

Jul 22 2009: UNIQLO’s Japanese advertising has been fun and creative from its early days. Their ads sometimes remind me of what Apple does with its advertising. I love this Tokyo Fashion Map.

10 Goodies for Summer

Jul 22 2009: Summer is here! At least for those of us in the Northern hemisphere… Are you ready for the fun? JAPANESE STREETS has selected 10 J-Goodies to enjoy this Summer more.

wowchicken: The geta sandals are very nice too. They actually look comfortable to me. I watched Spirited Away a long time ago, and its a really good film to watch. It also won an Oscar for it.
Kjeld Duits: Haha. I get sweat baths from headphones all year round. I guess I have hot ears… LOL
Misato: the Mix-Style headphones look good for the summer, you’re right, but they’re very hot! they’re good to give your ears a sweat bath! ;)

Latest Photos

Jul 02 2009: Two new photographers have been shooting in Tokyo for JAPANESE STREETS recently. We just uploaded the shots of one of them, Emi Kusano.

Jade: Boo=]
wowchicken: I checked out the link, and the boots the models wear are really nice.


Harajuku Shoot II

Jul 02 2009: Last May I shot a group of 8 friends, all of them lolita fans. I wasn’t able to upload all photos because the brand information for many of them was missing. These missing shots were finally uploaded today!

Romeo X-ray Delta: gorgeous hair colour, i think i may try it out!!!!
Kjeld Duits: @Joeyoeyannanna: Yes, I think they are cute, too. Leave some comments below their photos. I don’t know if they understand any English, but maybe we can persuade them to react to the comments.
Joeyoeyannanna: Cute! I want to meet them lol


From Tokyo to You

Jun 30 2009: Tomorrow, Deanne Tonking and Masao Tamaoki, the founders of TokyoMade, start a weekly guest blog on JAPANESE STREETS.


Harajuku Comes to SF

Jun 18 2009: Edgy Japanese fashion brands Baby, The Stars Shine Bright, Black Peace Now, 6%DOKIDOKI and SOUSOU will open boutiques at San Fransisco’s NEW PEOPLE, a new 20,000 square foot Japanese pop culture mall in the city’s Japantown, planned to open on August 15th.

Kjeld Duits: @Tara: You ARE lucky!
Tara: It just so happens I’m visiting san fran the 17th! how lucky!
Manana: waa so envius! its not my favorite brand, but its great that japanese brands are expanding outside japan XD

New People
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