rooms September 2011 - Part 3

Sep 28 2011: More impressions from our visit to rooms, Tokyo’s most popular fashion trade show

Maria: KD, when I get to Japan, I’m going to stay immigrant there and work as your assitant! :D

110913-0453 - rooms at Yoyogi Stadium, Shibuya, Tokyo

rooms September 2011 - Part 2

Sep 25 2011: More impressions from our visit to rooms, Tokyo’s most popular fashion trade show

Stella Ho: this is nice!! i love japan fashion too! the wedding growns look so great!
Kjeld Duits: @Makoto Rexrode: It is only open to people in the fashion business and the press, not the general public, so it is easy to miss. Basically, invitation only. I was started in 2000, so it has been around for a while now. H.P. France organizes it.
Makoto Rexrode: I never knew this kind of event when I lived in Tokyo 9 years ago. I wish I were there. I love Japanese fashion!

110913-0453 - rooms at Yoyogi Stadium, Shibuya, Tokyo

rooms September 2011

Sep 18 2011: JAPANESE STREETS visits rooms, Tokyo’s most popular fashion trade show

Jenny Wood: Hi, I am a journalist writing for a UK fashion magazine. I would love to get in touch with the person who compiles this blog. Could you email me please at Thanks! Jenny

110913-0453 - rooms at Yoyogi Stadium, Shibuya, Tokyo

Fashion as a Way of Life

May 29 2011: To a large number of Japanese, fashion is not about clothes, it is a way of life

Matt: I`m living in Osaka City now for 6 years and run a t-shirt print shop there. As a matter of fact we are not far from Amerika Mura and to be honest I can`t think of any credible fashion trend that has originated there. The whole area of Amerika Mura is just a complete nightmare and does my head in.
Leah B.: That pic used for the dolly kei example is the very first one to pique my curiosity about the style. Ah, the budding of a new love… <3
Kjeld Duits: @Alejandro: Come and visit Tokyo. I think you will feel at home right away. ^^


Japan from a Giant's Perspective

Mar 04 2011: UNIQLO has finally finished its UNIQLO CALENDAR, showing an incredible fast-moving miniaturized Japan

Jini: This is great! And it is indeed very Buddhist-ic, which makes it even more wonderful. It makes you think about life. I like the video very much, it’s very fun and lovely, but it’s also rather dark if you think about.
Kjeld Duits: @Keekii: It is all real. They combined two photography techniques that have become quite popular the past few years: tilt-shift photography (AKA miniature faking) and time lapse photography. If you do a Google search on these terms you can find lots of examples, and even manuals on how to do it yourself. ^^
Keekii: This is amazing! But I don’t understand how this has been made – is it real footage? How did they make it look like it’s in miniature format?


Tokyo Girls Collection Live

Mar 03 2011: Google teams up with Tokyo Girls Collection to stream their huge fashion show live

fashion news: tokyo girl collection, i love this one. .
zzd: super cute naman !! B) i like their stuff ! <3 im so inlove with jap!!

20% Off on Top Quality Jewelry

Nov 04 2010: Get 20% off on beautiful jewelry through Nov 14!

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Looking for Fashionable Bones

Nov 03 2010: JAPANESE STREETS goes on a search for skeletons

nikki: Keys are big right now. Kind of a steampunk thing.
xPsychedelic: What an original and unique pieces. I would totally love have one of those.
Kjeld Duits: @gionbaby: Oh yes, me too. A fashionable female skeleton!

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