Comme des Garçons Spring Summer 2012 Menswear

Nov 16 2011: HERO magazine has an exclusive preview of the Comme des Garçons Homme Plus SS12 menswear collection. JAPANESE STREETS offers a peek

Comme des Garçons

Osaka Artists Charm Harajuku Insiders

Nov 13 2011: Some 20 Osaka artists take over Tokyo’s VACANT art space and manage to charm Harajuku’s jaded fashion lovers

Kjeld Duits: @InTubato: Glad you like us! ^^
InTubato: this is a beautiful blog DAMN!!!!
Kjeld Duits: @Lactose Intoler-Art: Yes, this was fun, wasn’t it! Unfortunately, I missed the outside events that you snapped, but this gives a pretty good impression. It is too bad that Japanese are often so bad at promoting themselves; it now looks like this will be just a one off event. It would be great if it grew into something regular that metamorphosed over the years.

111112-8460: Intaramango, Tokyo

The "Real" Cool Japan

Nov 08 2011: Since the term Cool Japan was first introduced by Douglas McGray in a 2002 article in Foreign Policy, the term has been used with little constraint. Trendpool has started a five part series about what truly constitutes Cool Japan

60529-1032: Toyo Ito's Tod's Omotesando Building

Footprints of an Elephant in Harajuku

Nov 06 2011: While shooting street fashion in Harajuku, JAPANESE STREETS ran into four people leaving giant wet footprints

DJ Kittie: Awh, that’s neat!

111026-4852: Art Project in Harajuku, Tokyo

Bunka Fashion College Culture Festival 2011

Nov 05 2011: JAPANESE STREETS visits the Bunka Fashion College Bunkasai, a Culture Festival where students’ creativity comes alive

Lactose Intoler-Art: Oh my gosh! And I MISSED IT! This is AMAZING!
Mel: Looks like great fun. (:
Maria: Awesome! The like button is not enough! <33

111103-5941: Display during the Culture Festival Of Bunka Fashion College

Behind the Scenes at the Japan Fashion Week in Tokyo

Nov 03 2011: JAPANESE STREETS pointed the camera away from the catwalk and the glamorous models during the Japan Fashion Week in Tokyo

111022-3981: Backstage staff members during the Japan fashion Week in Tokyo

"FUN"tasy Halloween Night in Tokyo's Shibuya

Oct 31 2011: JAPANESE STREETS visits a Halloween Party for Harajuku fashion lovers

tskk tskk: This was already around in the 80’s UK um ??
Kjeld Duits: @Maria: Thanks. Yes, I did enjoy myself, although I was mostly busy shooting all night.
Maria: It’s like the shots are telling a story with some principal characters on it. Love the shots. So cool you met Kurebayashi-san there too! You had fun too, right? n_n

111030-5149: Halloween in Japan

Shibuya Fashion Festival 2011

Oct 21 2011: Festive atmosphere at the 2011 Shibuya Fashion Festival

Tien y. Foen: Nice artice. Too cool

111021-2701: Shibuya Fashion Festival Tokyo
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