Photo Essay • Nari Yamashina 3

Jan 03 2012: Last year around the time that the tsunami took place Japanese photographer Nari Yamashina sent me some photos. Finally ready to publish them!

Jeans Revolution

Jan 03 2012: The Japanese Jeans Revolution took place in a seemingly unlikely place, far away from Japan’s fashion capital Tokyo

Kjeld Duits: @Tragic Angel: Thank you.
Tragic Angel: Yay Osaka! We need more photos and fash news on Osaka. Luv Osaka and it simply doesn’t seem to get the respect and notice it so richly deserves overseas [or so it seems]. Thank you for doing this. As always, your pictures are a delight to peruse.

101104-6463 - Washed denim jackets at a Kouritsu factory in Okayama, STUDIO D’ARTISAN’s owner

The Quest for Perfect Jeans

Jan 03 2012: JAPANESE STREETS meets the Japanese jeans fanatics that set off the jeans boom of the late 80s and early 90s

Kjeld Duits: @ricky: Thank you for your interest in JAPANESE STREETS. The links to all the companies mentioned in the article, including EVISU, are underlined.
ricky: if for a brand like EVISU jeans or the other how much is it? and how to buy it? where I can contact the manufacturer or factory EVISU jeans the other? thank you
Tim Hardy: The lengths they go to in order to achieve a standard of authenticity is admirable, interesting and should be adopted by more manufacturers in all areas of fashion if they are really dedicated to their craft, I feel. I spend many hours researching techniques and skills passed down through generations of craftsmen in by my field of leather goods and many other crafts.

101106-6795: Japanese Jeans

New Year Celebrations at Tokyo's Largest Shrine

Jan 02 2012: JAPANESE STREETS went for a look at the New Year Celebrations at Meiji Jingu, Tokyo’s largest Shinto shrine

120101-2125: Japanese New Year at Meiji Jingu shrine in Tokyo, Japan

8th Harajuku Fashion Walk

Dec 22 2011: The date of the next Harajuku Fashion Walk was just announced

Kjeld Duits: @Nyurah: I usually announce the events on our twitter page ^^
Nyurah: @Kjeld: Oh! Great to knwo! Will be looking out for it… ;P Thank you for letting me know!
Kjeld Duits: @Nyurah: I think there will be a POP ‘N’ CUTE event in the last week-end of April. Maybe you can make that. ^^

8th Japan Fashion Walk

Recap for November

Nov 29 2011: We have been busy as a bee recently! Lots of new photos and articles on JAPANESE STREETS. Here is a recap for November. Did you miss anything?

111112-8548-111112-8541: Intaramango, Tokyo

7th Harajuku Fashion Walk

Nov 28 2011: The 7th Harajuku Fashion Walk took place on Nov 27 in the world’s trendiest place, Harajuku. JAPANESE STREETS was there

Mari-Kawamura: ———————- Sugoii O
Kjeld Duits: @Martin Sabo-Balog: No, that’s just her original gesture. She is hilarious!
Martin Sabo-Balog: The most interesting introduction for me was at 0:43. What was that hand movement? Imitation of a Geisha’s fan? :D

111127-0816: Harajuku Fashion Walk

Taito Designers Village: An Artist's Dream Come True

Nov 27 2011: An old elementary school in Tokyo’s Taito district, known for its artisans and craftspeople, has been transformed into a community of artists and designers

Kjeld Duits: @Sha-Sonja Wilson: Thank you! @Maria: Totally understand that! Better start saving now for a future trip to Japan! ^_-
Maria: I would have gone bankrupt if I were there. Buying like crazy everything, from earrings to hats!
Sha-Sonja Wilson: amazing pics!

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