New Japanese Lifestyle Mag's Reach Out to the World

Apr 29 2012: Sate your craving for lifestyle info from Japan: new webmags from Tokyo’s creative scene.

Kjeld Duits: @Maria: Really just one more, the other two are inactive. ^^
Maria: JAGR is so cool! I’ll check out the others later^^

JAGR Lifestyle Magazine

50 Faces from the Street

Apr 15 2012: I have photographed thousands of people for their unique street fashion in the past ten years. Thousands of faces. Here are fifty of them.

Kjeld Duits: @Katherine J. Barr: Thank you. Number 34 is Kumamiki eating crepe. She is super cute.
Katherine J. Barr: great photos. ‘love them all especially #34
Laurice Anderson: This faces are very inspiring. My favorite is #43. Her face is so sweet and angelic! I don’t like faces that seem to be funky or metallic.

110604-5471: Harajuku Street Fashion

Modeling at the Japan Fashion Week

Apr 12 2012: When illustrator Brandon Reierson, better known by his pen name Lactose Intoler-Art, was watching the crowd in Tokyo’s Harajuku, a designer approached him. “Would you like to model?” he asked.

Petra: Yeah, they’re awesome! I think I’m going to steal the idea, and just sew something similar, with those dinosaur spikes at the sides.
Lactose Intoler-Art: Hi Petra, thanks! They are actually two separate pieces. The shorts are by a Japanese brand called VEVEROPPARUUU (ベベロッパル in Japanese), and I just layered them over a pair of basic skinny black jeans. I’m glad you like them!
Petra: I love your pants, Brandon. Mind telling me the brand? :D


Tokyo Fashion and Music at POP 'N' CUTE

Apr 11 2012: The people of the Harajuku Fashion Walk organized the POP ‘N’ CUTE party on Feb 25. Kawaii fashion wrapped up in J-Rock and garnished with Harajuku art.

Kjeld Duits: @Roanne: Come and visit!
Roanne: From these photographs, the event looks like so much fun! :D I’m jealous.


Japanese Online Fashion Shopping

Apr 02 2012: Since last year May Japanese online fashion shopping site ZOZOTOWN ships abroad

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tragic angel: thank you so much! if only we could get Peach John, Alice auaa, and East Boy included…


9th Harajuku Fashion Walk

Mar 25 2012: The 9th Harajuku Fashion Walk took place today. JAPANESE STREETS was there

Stefanus: Hello Kjeld Duits, May ask permission to use your beautiful photos for my vlog video in Youtube. It is a hobby, you can see sample in Youtube qOt2CxlZig8. Thank you for your kindness. Stefanus Toha email:
Kjeld Duits: @Jasmin: Thanks!
Jasmin: love your blog! jasmin


The 365 Charming Everyday Things Project

Jan 18 2012: A group of Japanese designers aims to introduce top design in everyday Japanese items to the rest of the world

Tim Hardy: What a fantastic concept and looking briefly some of the designs are stunning in their simplicity.
Amanda Silver: this is very inspired! it is the most easy way to get to know the fantastic culture of Japan… by seeing and using this kind of…‘things’

The 365 Charming Everyday Things Project

Happy New Year in Harajuku

Jan 09 2012: Last week-end, I got together with Kumamiki and friends to celebrate the New Year

Kjeld Duits: @Joanna: I see that you just started your bog. Congratulations! We are looking forward to seeing your Harajuku-inspired looks.
Joanna: Oh, I love it so much and would love to create a look inspired by Harajuku. Please take a look at my outfits:

120107-2612: Japanese street fashion in Harajuku, Tokyo
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