Kisa Takada Shoe Exhibition

Apr 28 2013: If you are in West Japan during May and June, visit the amazing exhibition about Japanese shoe designer Kisa Takada (1941-2006)

jannytsui: wow so colorful and beautiful

Kisa Takada Shoe Exhibition

ARTiSM Market 01, Tokyo

Apr 20 2013: The first ARTiSM Market, an exhibition and sale of items created by underground artists took place in Tokyo today. A brief impression…

Kjeld Duits: @Karol: Start saving! ^^
Karol: i just want to cry how great is this and Japan is so far away :(((((
Kjeld Duits: @June: I guess that we both got lucky. ^_-


16th Harajuku Fashion Walk

Apr 15 2013: With the cherry blossom already slowly vanishing from the trees, the 16th Harajuku Fashion Walk took place in Harajuku on March 31

Kjeld Duits: @MIO: Thank you very much, Mio! Thankfully, there were lots of expressions to shoot. ^^
MIO: I also really enjoyed your pictures in this post – not only did you capture each individual’s fashion sense, but their expressions and personalities as well! Great photo-shoot!
Mika: @Kjeld (☆^ー^☆)


Behind the Scenes at the Japan Fashion Week

Mar 29 2013: A look behind the scenes during the recent Japan Fashion Week in Tokyo. Visitors, media, staff and models…

toybox: oh wow, it’s great to see Megumi Aihara again! Her style and beauty just knock me out. Wonderful images. Thank you!!
Kjeld Duits: @emi: I’m glad that as a photographer I didn’t have to wait in those long lines. Instead I had too wait among a tightly packed group of sometimes sweaty photographers, though… LOL
emi: thanks for sharing, Kjeld! i loved these photos (though i do have to admit, those long lines, not so much). :) there are always so many different styles on display – i need to plan a trip to Tokyo!


Tokyo Braces for Fashion Madness

Mar 14 2013: Japan Fashion Week is taking over Tokyo next week. The capital city will host countless fashion shows, some of them open to the public, and the increasingly popular Shibuya Fashion Festival

jannytsui: so cute


Peace Now Files for Bankruptcy

Mar 07 2013: Japanese gothic themed fashion brand Peace Now has filed for bankruptcy

Tara: h.Naoto has nothing to do with BPN and and his many designers are continuing to have a strong presence in the Japanese goth/punk/Lolita scene here in Tokyo. The weekend before the BPN stores were shut down in the Tokyo area, I was lucky enough to buy a pair of cute Peace Now pirate bear creepers. I will miss the amazing lucky bags on New Years also. RIP BPN
Kjeld Duits: @Tragic Angel: Yes, this is very sad news. Thankfully, h.Naoto is a different brand and as far as I know, doing fine.
Tragic Angel: !!!!???!!! Very sad to hear. I have some things from their lovely little shop here and wish I could have had more. The labels by h Naoto were always to my liking; the designs never got tired, quality high, and this is so very very sad. I wish him well, he is so gifted as are his team. I feel choked up.


Use this Service to Order Anything from Japan

Feb 27 2013: Starting today, a new service advertises on JAPANESE STREETS that allows you to order from any online Japanese shop!

Dimitra: Great, thnx!
Kjeld Duits: @Dimitra: Yes, Greece is listed on the list of countries White Rabbit ships to. Hope you found something cool to purchase! ^^
Dimitra: I live in Greece, an EU country. Will they be shipping here, too?

White Rabbit

rooms 26 — February 2013

Feb 13 2013: One of Tokyo’s most important fashion exhibitions, rooms, is taking place at Yoyogi Stadium this week. JAPANESE STREETS went there today, and as always picked a few favorites

Kjeld Duits: @Whitney: Thank you! “Those dolls were so neat, too! Loooove…(drooling)” — Which ones? The codamatamago or MAMEDANQ dolls?
Whitney: I liked the traditional Japanese-feeling pieces a lot. And the hats, awesome! Those dolls were so neat, too! Loooove…(drooling)
Kjeld Duits: @Maria: I liked Shintaro Haruna and Harue Nagamoto’s creations best of the three. Love the wood in Nagamoto’s items!

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