Japanese Online Fashion Shopping

Apr 02 2012: Since last year May Japanese online fashion shopping site ZOZOTOWN ships abroad

pathi: Dear Sir \Madam , We provide image/photo editing services. (professionally hand made)[clipping path,Background removal,image Cut out, Deep Etch , Extract, Photo Retouch , Enhancing , Manipulating and Restoration,Web Design. , colour correction, etc.] We offer cost-effective competitive outsourcing services We charge $0.30 USD for all kind of images I would like to demonstrate our company’s skill by offering you free 2 test pictures we look forward to hearing from you. Web : email : Kind Regards , Pathi
tragic angel: thank you so much! if only we could get Peach John, Alice auaa, and East Boy included…


The "Real" Cool Japan

Nov 08 2011: Since the term Cool Japan was first introduced by Douglas McGray in a 2002 article in Foreign Policy, the term has been used with little constraint. Trendpool has started a five part series about what truly constitutes Cool Japan

60529-1032: Toyo Ito's Tod's Omotesando Building

Japan from a Giant's Perspective

Mar 04 2011: UNIQLO has finally finished its UNIQLO CALENDAR, showing an incredible fast-moving miniaturized Japan

Jini: This is great! And it is indeed very Buddhist-ic, which makes it even more wonderful. It makes you think about life. I like the video very much, it’s very fun and lovely, but it’s also rather dark if you think about.
Kjeld Duits: @Keekii: It is all real. They combined two photography techniques that have become quite popular the past few years: tilt-shift photography (AKA miniature faking) and time lapse photography. If you do a Google search on these terms you can find lots of examples, and even manuals on how to do it yourself. ^^
Keekii: This is amazing! But I don’t understand how this has been made – is it real footage? How did they make it look like it’s in miniature format?


Tokyo Girls Collection Live

Mar 03 2011: Google teams up with Tokyo Girls Collection to stream their huge fashion show live

fashion news: tokyo girl collection, i love this one. .
zzd: super cute naman !! B) i like their stuff ! <3 im so inlove with jap!!

Art by the Meter

May 13 2010: We are all used to buying cloth and even space by the meter. But art by the meter? Tokyo based art gallery ART-Meter is making it a success.

Guerilla Embroidery: What a fabulous idea! As a textile artist (and not Japanese) I couldn’t take advantage of this, but maybe us Europeans will pick up the idea soon.
ayara: this is so cool! A new way of appreciating art =)
Kjeld Duits: I guess that non-flat art, like pottery and sculptures, could potentially be sold by volume, priced 10 by 10 by 10 centimeters.

"Snake" by Gunjyo

Win a Free Trip to Japan!

Aug 06 2008: Japan youth fashion giant Marui has announced a unique fashion contest for non-Japanese. The Grand Prize is a FREE trip to Japan for two persons.

n: im in!!!!
kiana strnger: i really hope i win i want to make some awesome japanese friends sweet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
kiana strnger: i ave always wante to go to japan and I LOVE ANIME!!!!!!!!

Marui O1O1 Internet Shopping

Dec 10 2007: Great news for Japanese fashion lovers. Marui (O1O1), one of the coolest department stores in Japan, has launched an international website in English, French and Japanese.

7/24x+18: başla hadi
melih: metin2 çin
David Tippie: I am searching for a Japanese manufacturer of water ionizers, can anyone help me?

Found in Translation

Jul 12 2006: Onitsuka Tiger has created a site to showcase Anglo-Japanese creativity: Found in Translation “It’s about the new wave replacing old cliche’s,” boasts the new site, “originality over-riding stereotypes.”
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