Lilith - Parisian Chic

Sep 07 2006: Lilith showcased its lovely new collection for the Japan Fashion Week in Tokyo last night to a dangerously packed crowd inside Tokyo International Forum. A slightly bohemian feel with some overtly French touches won this brand some new admirers.

Paula Crews: Please send me line up
peighten: please add me to any emailings that you may send out. thanks, either way.

HISUI Spring/Summer 2007 - Absorbing and Accomplished

Sep 06 2006: Tokyo Collection veteran Hiroko Ito displayed Hisui’s Spring/Summer 2007 collection in Harajuku tonight. A light and refreshing show – it combined casual wear with more elegant items.

DRESSCAMP Spring/Summer 2007 - Disco Diva

Sep 05 2006: DRESSCAMP unveiled its latest offerings in a much anticipated show in the Tokyo International Forum

ryan: hey how are you doing. my name is ryan idom.

Mercibeaucoup Spring/Summer 2007 - Kids in a Candy Store

Sep 04 2006: With a beautifully cute and original mise-en-scene, Eri Utsugi’s Mercibeaucoup label gave a lesson in what fashion should be about

Kjeld Duits: Check out our photo section. We have lots of photos of Mercibeaucoup!
evelyn Rouiller: would love to see some images, heard so much about this collection.
bo: Hello , I am looking for pictures of alternative fashion in Japan. Regards Bo


Sep 04 2006: Tamae Hirokawa’s Somarta label debuted at the Tokyo collections today. In a visually dazzling show she obviously wanted to make her debut with a bang. Layers and textures and intricate styling were on display and her time spent with the Issey Miyake team has clearly paid off.

Theatre Products - Musical Fashion

Sep 04 2006: I like theatre. What I really like is when theatre and fashion mix to create a spectacle of fun and flair. Theatre Products’ Spring/Summer 2007 Collection sizzled the Tokyo audience on top of the super-cool Issetan department store in Shinjuku.

Standard Objects

Sep 04 2006: In an intimate Harajuku venue Objetstandard released its latest collection for 2007. In a mixed show Objetstandard creator Takeshi Mori displayed sleek and elegant images for the modern woman. Cool silhouettes, icy white suits, loose summer pants and crop cardigans were pleasing but nothing particularly special.

Relax and Lux in Tokyo

Sep 03 2006: In the Tokyo International Forum, Ritsuko Shirahama showcased her 2007 Spring/Summer Collection entitled ‘Relax and Lux’. A celeb-filled arena watched Shirahama’s light and retro themed show and the designs oozed sensuality and femininity.
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