OHYA Autumn/Winter 2006 - The Dark Visions

Mar 21 2006: Hiroaki Ohya displayed his Autumn/Winter collection at the atmospheric Harajuku Quest Hall today

Subdued Glamour - Keita Maruyama

Mar 21 2006: In a decidedly mixed affair, Keita Maruyama presented his Keita Maruyama Tokyo Paris and Keita Maruyama Homme lines.

Lilith - Artists in the City

Mar 20 2006: Lily Barreth showed her Lilith Autumn/Winter 2006 collection on a beautiful morning here in Tokyo. A French woman based in Japan, Barreth displayed an assured line full of cheeky surprises and elegance.

Japan Fashion Week Autumn/Winter 2006

Mar 20 2006: Welcome to Japanese Streets coverage of Japan Fashion Week Autumn/Winter 2006. Kjeld and I will be shooting and reporting on the major shows in this year’s revamp of the Tokyo Collections.

Japan Fashion Week 2005: Review

Nov 11 2005: Japan Fashion Week 2005 has come to an end and as the tents are dismantled and the designers head back to their ateliers the time has come to reflect on what is hot and what is not for Spring/Summer 2006

meee: haaa haaa funnnnnn lol ciaoo babbbyyyyyy!!!

Kyoko Higa

Nov 07 2005: With a psychedelic catwalk show this morning Kyoko Higa managed to wake up a rather jaded Japan Fashion Week.

lulz: this bish dont look like a jappa

ZIN KATO/CUP by Zin Kato

Nov 06 2005: In a radically different atmosphere, Zin Kato released their ZIN KATO/CUP labels. In a decidedly mature collection Toru Kato and Misako Hayashi established that they can deliver a diverse array of clothing from original jumpsuit creations to evening wear.

Young Creators Collection

Nov 05 2005: Today was a huge occasion for some young Japanese designers at Japan Fashion Week. Given the chance to showcase their talents to the public some of the youngsters impressed the enormous crowd in the Tokiwa tent.
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