Nice finds at Osaka's HEP5

Feb 17 2010: HEP5 is one of Osaka’s most popular fashion malls. We found some new arrivals here that we liked.

Kjeld Duits: Yes, the one-piece sleepwear is really cute!
Jini: i also like the red sneakers~ also the one-piece sleepwear, i don’t know but i have a weakness for cute prints
Kjeld Duits: Absolutely! HEP5 is so much fun. Even for just window shopping, visiting Starbucks, or riding the giant Ferris Wheel. @Joedzilla: Start saving money for your wife’s shopping trips! (^_-)


10th Tokyo Girls Collection

Feb 16 2010: The 10th Tokyo Girls Collection will be held on Saturday, March 6, 2010 at the Yokohama Arena. It will show Spring and Summer fashion.

Jini: wow wish i would be lucky to go to a fashion show that’s open for “regular” people…

Tokyo Girls Collection 2010 SS

Hundred Year Old Cool

Dec 25 2009: Antique kimono have become popular and it is now difficult to find nice ones at a good price. At Osaka’s Mei you’ll always find an excellent selection.

Kjeld Duits: Sandy, on internet I found an antique shop in Tomigusuku-shi, where they sell some old kimono. People at this shop may be able to suggest other shops where they specialize in kimono. Name: Naigai Address: 798-4 Onaga, Tomigusuku-shi, Okinawa (沖縄県豊見城市字翁長798-4) Phone: 098-851-2154 Map Google Map On one of the photos on their site the outside of the shop looks more like a garage than an antique dealer, but the photos of their interior are really nice. They are really cheap too. This page shows items selling from as low as JPY 500! (Be sure to click on the next link at the bottom.)
Kjeld Duits: Good question, Sandy. We have no contributors (yet) in Okinawa, and I haven’t been there for ages. So I don’t know. But I assume there must be used kimono shops there as well. Would love to hear from other readers!
sandy: Are there similar shops on okinawa or ishigaki?


JFW S/S 2010 Visitors

Dec 23 2009: A few people we ran into at the Japan Fashion Week S/S 2010

Kjeld Duits: Thanks, m nany. I was actually amazed how much of a difference the shoe laces made…
m nany: awesomee.!! i likee this one!♥ x


Bags with Character

Dec 18 2009: “We only use leather with character for our bags,” says bag creator Mitsuko Fujiwara.

Studio Style M.M: cooperation
Nao Okamura: They also have some silver accessories:)
Jini: i love some of the bags, but i’m not a fan of leather…


Japanese Make Over of Italian Oldie

Dec 11 2009: Japanese head-wear designer Yoshinori Nakamura has taken the Coppola, the traditional flat cap worn in Sicily, and given it Japanese playfulness and panache.

Nao Okamura: Thanks for your comments:) yes yes! I like the pink one too!! there are some other designs too for the pink one.
wowchicken: Ooooooooooo, I like the pink flat hat. It looks so chic <3 It does have a cozy feel to it! lol It’d be nice to go there.
Jini: oh~ nice :D i like the fabrics and prints he uses~ the shop looks cosy too, maybe because it’s that small? ^^


Buddhist Street Flair

Aug 12 2009: Add some spiritual flavor to your fashion style

wowchicken: Yeah, the cell phone cases are really nice, and a cute place to put your cell phone. Love the oriental design.
Kjeld Duits: Those designs go back hundreds of years, and they’re still really cool. I wonder how many of today’s big names in design and fashion still have their designs in use a few hundred years from now!
Jini: ooh yes, i love the prints on the cell phone cases as well!! the shirts too ^^

Kohtoriya Buddhist Fashion

Tokyo's Hidden Secrets 2

Jul 15 2009: TokyoMade dig up more treasures this week. Discover funky galleries and event spaces showcasing up-and-coming Japanese creators.

Deanne Tonking: ANJJ I totally agree and the cool thing is it is easy to get lost!
wowchicken: Wow..those shops look absolutely stunning. I would like to go there someday…..
ANJJ: it’s amazing how you can find the best spots in tokyo by getting lost __
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