New Japanese Lifestyle Mag's Reach Out to the World

Apr 29 2012: Sate your craving for lifestyle info from Japan: new webmags from Tokyo’s creative scene.

Kjeld Duits: @Maria: Really just one more, the other two are inactive. ^^
Maria: JAGR is so cool! I’ll check out the others later^^

JAGR Lifestyle Magazine

50 Awesome Harajuku Hats

Feb 14 2012: Japanese love their hats and Tokyo’s Harajuku is an absolute hat heaven. Fifty awesome hats, caps and berets for you to drool over

Ales23: Hi here, my favourites are 31, 39 and 40, because these ones are the most classic and I like these kinds of hats and caps. I just started looking into in Japanese fashion styles. I'm from Europe. Have a nice day, guys!
Jasmine: I like a lot of the hats. They’re so colourful and imaginative! I know my friend Kaitlyn and probably even Katlyn (there is a difference!) and Emma who is totally into hats.
KSENiA: love them all!!! 3 and 10 are “must have” for me; 7, 24 and 39 are adorable


The Quest for Perfect Jeans

Jan 04 2012: JAPANESE STREETS meets the Japanese jeans fanatics that set off the jeans boom of the late 80s and early 90s

Kjeld Duits: @ricky: Thank you for your interest in JAPANESE STREETS. The links to all the companies mentioned in the article, including EVISU, are underlined.
ricky: if for a brand like EVISU jeans or the other how much is it? and how to buy it? where I can contact the manufacturer or factory EVISU jeans the other? thank you
Tim Hardy: The lengths they go to in order to achieve a standard of authenticity is admirable, interesting and should be adopted by more manufacturers in all areas of fashion if they are really dedicated to their craft, I feel. I spend many hours researching techniques and skills passed down through generations of craftsmen in by my field of leather goods and many other crafts.

101106-6795: Japanese Jeans

Jeans Revolution

Jan 04 2012: The Japanese Jeans Revolution took place in a seemingly unlikely place, far away from Japan’s fashion capital Tokyo

Kjeld Duits: @Tragic Angel: Thank you.
Tragic Angel: Yay Osaka! We need more photos and fash news on Osaka. Luv Osaka and it simply doesn’t seem to get the respect and notice it so richly deserves overseas [or so it seems]. Thank you for doing this. As always, your pictures are a delight to peruse.

101104-6463 - Washed denim jackets at a Kouritsu factory in Okayama, STUDIO D’ARTISAN’s owner

Love for Yohji Yamamoto

Dec 11 2011: I am falling in love again. With Yohji Yamamoto.

Anais: Y-3 SS14 Collection for adidas by Peter Saville on #lookatmeow #japanesefashion #yohjiyamamoto

Yohji Yamamoto

Some Like it Furry

Nov 29 2011: This season anything that seems even remotely furry is loved in Harajuku. From antique to fake to animal print to fluffy pink nylon garments.

111112-6795-AY: Japanese street fashion in Harajuku, Tokyo

Comme des Garçons Spring Summer 2012 Menswear

Nov 17 2011: HERO magazine has an exclusive preview of the Comme des Garçons Homme Plus SS12 menswear collection. JAPANESE STREETS offers a peek

Comme des Garçons

Bunka Fashion College Culture Festival 2011

Nov 05 2011: JAPANESE STREETS visits the Bunka Fashion College Bunkasai, a Culture Festival where students’ creativity comes alive

Lactose Intoler-Art: Oh my gosh! And I MISSED IT! This is AMAZING!
Mel: Looks like great fun. (:
Maria: Awesome! The like button is not enough! <33

111103-5941: Display during the Culture Festival Of Bunka Fashion College
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