Blabla Hospital Cures 2

Jul 28 2009: Part 2 of an interview with Japanese fashion designer and Blabla Hospital Head Nurse, Akari, uncovers the difference between Tokyo and London patients, her caring nature and healing powers.

Deanne Tonking: Thanks pampero, glad you enjoyed it! Looking back at some of Akari’s earlier work there was a lot more blood. She seems to have cleaned up her work area, tougher workplace health and safety laws I guess ;)
wowchicken: Really unique!! I love it. Her own sense of design is really cool. I look forward to see more of her.
pampero: I agree, I want more blood in my Blabla Hospital clothes!!! I love them!!! Wonderful interview

Blabla Hospital Cures 1

Jul 21 2009: Japanese fashion designer Akari is often known as the Blabla Hospital Head Nurse. TokyoMade’s Deanne Tonking recently checked herself in to find out more about the increasingly popular, medically inspired Blabla Hospital.

Pae: Very nice article! I love her clothes!!! It’s so nice to hear how she started and I can’t wait to hear more about next Wed.
Mouse: A lovely article, i look forward to hearing more next wednesday. I love the clothes and the impact they make. Please keep making the world a happier place. :) x
Deanne Tonking: Glad you like them Joeyoeyannanna. You can find more at or Akari also sells her pieces in Europe and Japan…more details on that next week.

Fashion as Communication

Jun 30 2009: Groundbreaking Japanese illustrator and artist Shojono Tomo is interviewed by TokyoMade co-founder Deanne Tonking who wants to know where she finds her inspiration.

abe1: Shojono Tomo sounds amazing … “From these inspirations I concoct something like a sumo wrestler’s stew, that is very hot and awkward.” … “I am so inspired by the diversity of my surroundings. Objects that transform, like a broken down bridge in the mountains that begins to resemble a waffle waiting for it’s toppings. I find inspiration in the mess that is left after a typhoon, by people who come to a party but read a book in the corner. Ideas come from people who do not stick to the rules and who introduce me to a new world that I previously had not belonged to. I see somehow these things as imperfection but they possess strong will and a certain melancholy and originality.” …. “To be honest, I didn’t realize that I used felines in many of my illustrations but I would have to say that I am a cat person. I like the way cats are selfish and like to take naps on people’s laps. I also like when they are friendly and do not refuse when I ask for a hug” … “I would say that if my clothes are considered cute then they are a salty kind of sweetness not like sugary sweet.” … so thoughtful, well-spoken, creative, and down to earth! Love this interview
freethelamps: Her designs are amazing! It’s like art on clothes. Thank you so much for the interview!
Deanne: Oh how cool Jini! Yes, Shojono Tomo’s fashion really stands out, eye catching illustrations and colors!

Shojono Tomo

Bambi is Sexy

Mar 24 2008: Japanese fashion designer Bambi makes clothes that makes women stare at themselves in the mirror. Her brand Succubus is sexy written in big capital letters.

tavares: Give me the models…Beautifuls
Kjeld Duits: Me too!
Manana: those clothes are great!!! I loved the corsets!!!

60910-6588.1 - Succubus fashion designer Bambi

YAB-YUM Interview

Mar 02 2006: Shortly after their TOKYO GOTH show at the Japan Fashion Week last year I had a short e-mail exchange with YAB-YUM designer Patrick Ryan

FÖTUS: Fashion reborn

Feb 01 2004: You expect a very flashy person behind the cybertech fashion label FÖTUS, but Masahiro Saito (1958) is actually quite down-to-earth and almost shy

Kjeld Duits: @Anton Johansson Unfortunately, the brand went out of business a long time ago. But his pieces can still be found at online auctions and vintage stores in Japan. If you search for フェトウス, you will find lots of links For example, here is a shop with some FÖTUS items And Yahoo Auctions Japan often has a few
Anton Johansson: Anywhere you can buy some fötus pieces? Thanks!
shisuki16: ???

FÖTUS (フェトウス) Designer Masahiro Saito

Takuya Angel: Real Japanese Fashion

May 31 2003: Takuya Sawada launched Takuya Angel to create something truly Japanese. He succeeded.

Paru: hey, i was just looking idea for japanese dress.. for fashion project on the google then i found this website.. i like the western style japanese clothes.. its pretty cool.. i wish i could come to tht shop on tokyo and buy some clothes,, but me in uk….XC
kenneth cajote: if only we can wear those kind of clothes here in the phillipinnes…i love to dress like that
Kelly: This is a great site for handbags – this brand is hugely popular in Japan – I saw so many of them on the street when I was there last year!

Takuya Sawada
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