Are You Hangry & Angry?

May 12 2010: A stuffed animal transformed into a nuclear bomb to destroy the world. A hospital from which patients leave in coffins. Welcome to the world of Japanese designer Gashicon

Kjeld Duits: @Julia: Actually, I always thought the two characters were genderless. During the many hours that I spoke with Gashicon, she never ever said he or she when referring to Hangry and Angry. She was extremely careful to use genderless expressions. Unfortunately, in English you do have to choose a gender, so I ended up using he. Unless you are talking about the singers Hangry and Angry of course. They are clearly girls. Anyway, next time I meet Gashicon I will ask her about the gender of these two characters.
Teretetetet: Inspiring!! Thanks for bringing us fantastic interviews!!

Hiromi Saito Brings Age-Old Kimonos into Your Daily Life

Mar 17 2010: Hiromi Saito, creator of the B.S.E.T.C range, takes treasured vintage kimono and turns them into stylish and contemporary accessories

B.S.E.T.C article pic

Meet Banal Chic Bizarre

Feb 19 2010: Last year, I interviewed Shun Nakagawa and Ayano Ichige of Tokyo label Banal Chic Bizarre. We sat down at the café situated below their store in Harajuku.

MICKY: Dear Sir, With the recently successful launch of Chili into South East Asia, M4E is looking for an enthusiastic company to represent and distribute our fashion lines ofsilk scarf, vast selection of Tees, hooded, sweaters, skirt, dresses, ponchos,jumpsuits and leggings. M4Eis a new high uniquely funky fashion brand with trademark characters and graffiti styled designs. If you would like to represent and distribute any of our fashionproducts, please send your inquires to We look forward to your reply and thank you for your time. BestRegards, MickyMo
Kjeld Duits: Great interview, Paul. Thanks. Glad that we have some photos of people wearing Banal Chic Bizarre in our Photo-Archive.

Banal Chic Bizarre

MicroWorks Design Pt 2

Dec 02 2009: Lifestyle Design—the creation of everyday products with extra elements of comfort and style—is a huge trend in Japan. MicroWorks is a major player in this movement.

Jini: hey~ haven’t we seen those chopsticks before ? :D amazing how everyday products can become art :3
wowchicken: I like how JS interviews many ppl, and I get to learn hands-on about japanese fashion and culture :)


MicroWorks Design Pt 1

Nov 25 2009: Digging around with one of Tokyo’s freshest contemporary creators we find that things are pretty down to Earth.

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Jini: oh wow those are some creative works!! love the salt/pepper set with the notes as wholes :D


Gadget Mode

Oct 01 2009: Cell phones and portable music players have become as prevalent as bags and wallets. Japanese designer Atsushi Yamaguchi’s mission is to make these ever shrinking gadgets just as practical and fashionable.

wowchicken: They look like those orange file folders. :)

gadget mode

Alien Encounters 2

Sep 16 2009: Part 2 of a quirky interview with the star of the Ichigo Seijin range, the strawberry alien himself.

Jini: haha funny, the bag in bag is cute the blog looks fun too, unfortunately my japanese isn’t that good . . . yet dx
wowchicken: So cool!! The little strawberry guy rubbing his belly is so cute. :) It’s really interesting reading about his stories.

Alien Encounters

Sep 10 2009: Part 1 of an intriguing interview with the star of the Ichigo Seijin range, the alien himself. A peculiar insight into the extraterrestrial, Japan-based character’s life.

wowchicken: Cool! It would be awesome if he really was an alien! I really like his answers.
Jini: haha i liked this interview, not to fond of strawberries though… /:
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