Exporting Japanese pop culture

Jun 12 2004: At an intersection in the Orchard Road shopping district of Singapore, passers-by confront a giant billboard of the reigning pop diva of the day…

Cool Japan - クールジャパン

Graveyard Chic

Mar 20 2004: Asahi Shimbun published an article about gothic fashion. I feel that the article does not give a fully accurate view, but that makes the article all the more interesting…

Necro Dolly: Oh dear, the media again. Pathetic, i dress Lolita goth alot and i don’t want to kill my parents… I wear it because i like it and i love Japan and the Victorian era and it appeals to me. That’s it. People are so scared of anything different these days. Let people dress how they like and stop trying to find a reason why and make them out to be bad people because of it. Everyones reason is different! We get enough crap off people in the streets for our clothing of choice, the meida just help fire up the abuse.
Porcelain Princess: I’m a lifestyle lolita who wears loli clothing every day at school and I don’t agree with this post. I think lolita is a reaction to the hypersexualisation of our society. Tired of all these boobs exhibed, these asses shaked, that horrid hormone smell and all that violence era encouraged with the mainstream (video games, TV shows, G-Unit and all that crap), I wanted to reach an ideal of respect, beauty and culture, like a Quest of Perfection or at least decency in my point of view. Lolita is the opposite of drugs (eventhough the link with Alice in Wonderland), violence (it depends), hypersexualisation, alcohol (we want to be proper, not to be drunk and show ourselves in a vulgar way), well, mediocrity. Yes, lolita are afraid of mediocrity. But again, it’s my opinion.
Andie: i am a lolita and it is really more of a way of life and looking at things. fashion and style are a big part of it, but it, in it’s essence represents a bold statement of freedom. a statement of denial of traditional ways of being, taking the best essence of the past and combining to make new ground. a new way of being.

FÖTUS: Fashion reborn

Feb 01 2004: You expect a very flashy person behind the cybertech fashion label FÖTUS, but Masahiro Saito (1958) is actually quite down-to-earth and almost shy

Kjeld Duits: @Anton Johansson Unfortunately, the brand went out of business a long time ago. But his pieces can still be found at online auctions and vintage stores in Japan. If you search for フェトウス, you will find lots of links For example, here is a shop with some FÖTUS items And Yahoo Auctions Japan often has a few
Anton Johansson: Anywhere you can buy some fötus pieces? Thanks!
shisuki16: ???

FÖTUS (フェトウス) Designer Masahiro Saito

Selling Fruits to the World

Nov 01 2003: Shoichi Aoki has brought Japanese street fashion to the eyes of the world.

laura: i loove the fruits style! i wish i could put a outfit together and have it look that great, but ive always been a bit fashion incapable :[ id need a little help getting the look i wanted..
DEBBIE: I LOVE THE FRUITS BOOKS .. FASHION IS AMAZING ,BUT DOES ANYONE NO ANY WEBSITES OF THE CLOTHES OR SHOE SHOPS IN HARAJUKU.XXX Hello! I am doing a report on the Japanese Pop Culture’s infleunce and effects on American Pop Culture. I know very much how America’s trends are now stealing their ideas from Japan, I just need some interviews and opinions from those out there seeing and living it! So please e-mail me with your opinions, statements and observations! Thank you! ~haruka uriel at


The Two Faces of Takashi Murakami

Oct 28 2003: Takashi Murakami is often billed as the next Andy Warhol. Like the American pop art icon, he fuses high and low, pulling imagery from consumer culture to produce visually arresting, highly original work.

Colors Like Fluttering Butterflies

Sep 01 2003: Osaka artist Michi Kawao’s use of colors remind you of fluttering butterflies in the bright morning sun

Victoria Pena: This is truly inspirational. I enjoyed reading it and learning that simple is divine!
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sarah: this site is cool happy day


Gross National Cool

Aug 22 2003: According to an increasing number of believers, Japan’s days as an industrial powerhouse may well be on the wane, but its role as a global trendsetter is only now just getting started.

Beat Takeshi's Latest Movie

Jul 31 2003: Director, actor and comedian Takeshi Kitano, aka Beat Takeshi, is in the midst of his latest project, which promises to be one of his best yet: his movie version of the story about master swordsman Zatoichi.
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