io yukomura"Ta S/S 2007 - Uninspiring

Sep 07 2006: Strange name and strange collection. io yukomura“Ta released its latest line in Marunouchi this afternoon. Camouflage and more military motifs bludgeoned this show and left me feeling particularly fed-up.

The Dark Days of Taishi Nobukuni

Sep 07 2006: You think you have seen everything until you see a fashion show performed in the dark. Taishi Nobukuni’s collection for Spring/Summer 2007 was a truly puzzling event. An almost pitch black arena with blackened models wearing very dark colours made for extremely difficult viewing.

Lilith - Parisian Chic

Sep 07 2006: Lilith showcased its lovely new collection for the Japan Fashion Week in Tokyo last night to a dangerously packed crowd inside Tokyo International Forum. A slightly bohemian feel with some overtly French touches won this brand some new admirers.

Paula Crews: Please send me line up
peighten: please add me to any emailings that you may send out. thanks, either way.

HISUI Spring/Summer 2007 - Absorbing and Accomplished

Sep 06 2006: Tokyo Collection veteran Hiroko Ito displayed Hisui’s Spring/Summer 2007 collection in Harajuku tonight. A light and refreshing show – it combined casual wear with more elegant items.

DRESSCAMP Spring/Summer 2007 - Disco Diva

Sep 05 2006: DRESSCAMP unveiled its latest offerings in a much anticipated show in the Tokyo International Forum

ryan: hey how are you doing. my name is ryan idom.

Mercibeaucoup Spring/Summer 2007 - Kids in a Candy Store

Sep 04 2006: With a beautifully cute and original mise-en-scene, Eri Utsugi’s Mercibeaucoup label gave a lesson in what fashion should be about

Kjeld Duits: Check out our photo section. We have lots of photos of Mercibeaucoup!
evelyn Rouiller: would love to see some images, heard so much about this collection.
bo: Hello , I am looking for pictures of alternative fashion in Japan. Regards Bo


Sep 04 2006: Tamae Hirokawa’s Somarta label debuted at the Tokyo collections today. In a visually dazzling show she obviously wanted to make her debut with a bang. Layers and textures and intricate styling were on display and her time spent with the Issey Miyake team has clearly paid off.

Theatre Products - Musical Fashion

Sep 04 2006: I like theatre. What I really like is when theatre and fashion mix to create a spectacle of fun and flair. Theatre Products’ Spring/Summer 2007 Collection sizzled the Tokyo audience on top of the super-cool Issetan department store in Shinjuku.
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