HISUI Autumn/Winter 2007 - Clumsy

Mar 11 2007: Hiroko Ito’s Hisui label has gathered many fans over the years. A regular at Japan Fashion Week in Tokyo, previously the Tokyo Collections, Hisui has an image for beautifully crafted contemporary womenswear.

io yukomura"Ta A/W 2007 - Woeful

Mar 11 2007: If the organizers of Japan Fashion Week want to promote Tokyo as a creative fashion force it may want to exert a little more quality control. A woeful io yukomura“Ta collection was nothing short of an amateurish attempt at design

Support Surface

Mar 11 2007: Norio Surikabe presented a subtle and paired-down collection full of intricate detail straight from the costumier’s imagination.

YLANG YLANG - 60s inspiration

Mar 07 2007: The press release made the crowd feel ready for an exciting and culturally sophisticated show, but sadly…

Cosplay in Kansai

Feb 18 2007: JapaneseStreets today attended West Power 2007, one of the larger cosplay events in West Japan. Some 80 photographs of this event have been uploaded to our photo section.

Samuel Pigott: Hello, hello out dare !

Japanese Cosplayers

Takuya Angel Events

Nov 15 2006: Japanese designer Takuya Angel is organizing two events that you don’t want to miss if you are in Tokyo this month.

OHYA Spring/Summer 2007 - Complex and Clever

Sep 10 2006: With the prime slot on the last day of Japan Fashion Week in Tokyo, Ohya had a lot of expectations to meet

ben huber: dress it up!

Sunao Kuwahara Spring/Summer 2007 - Virgin Suicides

Sep 10 2006: Sunao Kuwahara surprised a Tokyo Collection audience on Friday with a dark and subdued show

toshporu: sort off off the topic but for hours ive been trying to find out photos and stuff of what is exacly trendy in the tokyo streets right now ,on the internet. Can someone help me out?
Britney: OMG…wat a weird name ‘Virgin Suicides’
rukmini banerjee: i went through your article on virgin suicide. but the content did not seem to be very particular. i would be glad if i could the details of the event and its whereabouts.
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