Color on the Street: Getting Down to Earth Tones

Nov 12 2012: Tokyo is far removed from nature. But this month its fashionistas are borrowing from this oldest source of beautiful colors. Seal Brown, Cedar Green, Oyster. Natural earthy tones are springing up like mushrooms

Fashion Festivals in Tokyo this Week-end

Oct 31 2012: Are you in Tokyo this week-end? You are in luck! Japanese schools are holding their annual culture festivals which are free and open to the public. Two are especially interesting for Japanese fashion lovers


Color on the Street: Punky Red

Oct 29 2012: Red is one of those colors that just never leaves. It is present throughout the seasons. We saw it this summer, and now along with the autumn leaves, Tokyo’s streets once more turn to red with a vengeance.

Kjeld Duits: @Becca: Yes, the Ferris Wheel is real. It is located in Osaka.
J.: I love the subway sign graphics!
Becca: Is that ferris wheel real!? Love it! thanks!

The color red in street fashion in Harajuku, Tokyo

Color on the Catwalk: S/S 2013

Oct 22 2012: Tokyo’s catwalks blossom into natural colors for Spring and Summer 2013: mint, emerald, royal blue, mustard, primrose yellow, lemon zest, poppy red, nectarine, tangerine, linen white

Color on the Street: Rebellious Rainbows

Oct 15 2012: Black seems to be ruling the streets of Harajuku the past few months, but a few rebellious minds come in all the colors of the rainbow

Color on the Street: Pretty in Pink

Oct 01 2012: Is it already spring? Not quite… Winter isn’t even here yet! But our Tokyo fashionistas are turning into little pink cherry blossoms to send any overly enthusiastic early winter blues packing

Leanne: Ah, there’s so much pink around, esp in hair colour. My award goes to the girl with the ash brown/blonde hair with blue underneath for being different!
Lem: Pink tops for ladies seem to be everyone’s favorite. You have there some awesome photos.
Cecil in rome: Nice photos!

The Ultimate Nail Saver

Sep 27 2012: You have spent hours on your nails and they look absolutely perfect. But before you leave on your date you decide to get yourself a refreshing can of juice. You open the can, and ruin one of your exquisite nails…

youkuku: I think I’d just ask someone else
Kjeld Duits: @Aspire: One of those things where you think, hey how come that didn’t exist yet?
Aspire: These are a great idea and look awesome too!

DSC 2011-48

Color on the Street: Black is the New Black

Sep 17 2012: The Non-Color Black might be one of the most controversial colors there is. It stands for a wide variety from positive to negative things. But without a question it’s a very striking color, that will always get people’s attention.

Jasmine: I really like the spiked black jacket. The dresses are nice too.
Lactose Intoler-Art: I really love it when it is used as the majority color, but as a base to express more colorful tones.
Lloyd Lim: Awesome blog post!
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