By Paul McInnes

Somarta Spring/Summer 2008

Sep 16 2007: Somarta, the label begun by Issey Miyake protégé Tamae Hirokawa in 2006, has very quickly grown into an exciting and promising brand. Feted by foreign and domestic press alike the label’s latest offerings demonstrated what all the fuss is about.

N.HOOLYWOOD Spring/Summer 2008 - Triumph

Sep 15 2007: Quite simply, Daisuke Obana’s N.HOOLYWOOD brand is the best menswear label in Japan

sandeep: pv334

Tiny Dinosaur A/W 2008 - Uninspired

Mar 15 2007: Japan Fashion Week newcomers Tiny Dinosaur presented their Autumn/Winter 07/08 collection in the airy Tokia Building in Tokyo on Friday

JUNYA TASHIRO A/W 2007 - Obvious Talent

Mar 14 2007: Fukuoka based designer Junya Tashiro showcased his second collection for Japan Fashion Week in Tokyo on Thursday

Theatre Products/Kingly Theatre Products

Mar 14 2007: Akira Takeuchi and Tayuka Nakanishi’s Theatre Products and Kingly Theatre Products label has been gathering much attention of late. An exhibition in Shibuya’s Parco in January and substantial interest from the press has earmarked this label for future glory.

Gut’s Dynamite Cabarets Autum/Winter 2007 - Drag Queens and Macho Boys

Mar 13 2007: Cabaret Aki and Jackal Kuzu’s flamboyant label Gut’s Dynamite Cabarets camped up Japan Fashion Week in Tokyo on Wednesday

HISUI Autumn/Winter 2007 - Clumsy

Mar 11 2007: Hiroko Ito’s Hisui label has gathered many fans over the years. A regular at Japan Fashion Week in Tokyo, previously the Tokyo Collections, Hisui has an image for beautifully crafted contemporary womenswear.

io yukomura"Ta A/W 2007 - Woeful

Mar 11 2007: If the organizers of Japan Fashion Week want to promote Tokyo as a creative fashion force it may want to exert a little more quality control. A woeful io yukomura“Ta collection was nothing short of an amateurish attempt at design
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