By Misha Janette

The coolest store no one knows of

Jul 20 2008: Ever heard of Bedrock? No? Well, its only one of the coolest stores in Tokyo. There’s a rumor that it lies down a spiral staircase that can only be accessed through the back of a café at the lower end of Omotesando Hills…

k-mu: do you suppose they are still open? I know how boutiques like to die out as quickly as they are brought in…
deizaru: yes, one of the coolest stores in the world, i’d say. i’m glad people are finally finding it.
Max Hodges: thanks for telling me about this store Misha!

AU gets fashionable

Jul 08 2008: Just when you thought Western phones with a selection of a few measly colors were cool—check out the snazzy phone art and accessories as part of the AU meets mobile fashion project

Q Pot

Jun 28 2008: Trinkets that look so realistically like desserts you may want to take them off after long bouts of fasting or sleeping at night, lest you decide for a midnight snack…

Moncler: looks nice,japanese fashion ,in good design..
emanda ng: where can i get these in nyc?
jm: hi! do you know where i could find a store (online or not) that sells qtop merchandise in the u.s.? I so want that straberry whip cream ring…

e.m. for the cool kids

Jun 03 2008: Japanese silver accessories brand e.m. has one of those cult followings that any brand can only hope to gain- this has spurred off-shoot lines, and even a huge book cataloging past ad campaigns and editorial pictures.

Kjeld Duits: @cayenneboy: This is the official e.m. webshop. You can also purchase e.m. jewelry at the site of our sponsor: Rakuten. It might be easier because they can assist you and the explanations are in (broken) English. I just did a search for you and found a Rakuten vendor with a fair selection of e.m..
cayenneboy: do they have a website?
superkawaii: i so want the gun ring! eeeee _______

Rico Archives first Installation

Apr 20 2008: At Rico Archives’ installation last week, a leaping male ballet dancer with a star tattoo on his cheek twirling and sashaying about stole the spotlight in the debut show

Patrick Stephan Making a Mark on Tokyo

Apr 16 2008: In 2000, Patrick Stephan moved to Japan to begin his highly conceptual brand with abstract couture-like acccessories made of safetypins, hair clips, and tarnished tin. More interesting every season…

Soe in Nakameguro

Apr 14 2008: Soe (so-ee) can be spelt with the characters for “create” and “inclination”. So then it goes without saying that this menswear brand is a favorite among fashionably apt men around the cool area of Nakameguro and beyond

Nandita: brilliant!!
Rafael Cruz: very nice! XD

Barbie Gone Harajuku

Apr 12 2008: Barbie. Now, before your eyes roll back in your head, see what fuss the plastic prodigy is kicking up in the back streets of Harajuku with her new best friend, the queen of quirk, Patricia Field

mia: i love dat hat!!!a barbie 4 sure
aleia: hay yall
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