By Kjeld Duits

I Love Tokyo Style Part 1 of 2

May 04 2014: Part 1 of over 50 photos of non-Japanese showing off their Japanese fashion styles

isa: I really liked to see the outfits that were not lolita style because it’s really uncommon to see something like this here in Germany.
terciopelo: It makes me happy to see people from all around the world (and even one from my country) who dress however they want no matter where they live!
Mathilde Severinsen: I really liked Clar Panganiban from the Philippines, maybe it’s because of my love for Rilakkuma x)


Tokyo Fashion College Students Show Their Colors 3 of 3

May 02 2014: Bunka Fashion College students dressed in orange and blue today in its annual Bunka DRESS CODE event

Kjeld Duits: @BOw-E-Bow: On March 11, 2011, there was a Magnitude 9 quake followed by a tsunami which caused over 18,000 deaths and a crisis at a nuclear power plant in Fukushima. Wikipedia has information about the 2011 Tohoku earthquake and tsunami.
BOw-E-Bow: Can I asked what happened in 2011?
Kjeld Duits: @Zjonni: As far as I know they are not a musical duo. But I shot them last year as well, and they are comfortable with both each other and me. See their photos during Bunka DRESSCODE 2013.


Tokyo Fashion College Students Show Their Colors 2 of 3

May 02 2014: Bunka Fashion College students dressed in orange and blue today in its annual Bunka DRESS CODE event


Tokyo Fashion College Students Show Their Colors 1 of 3

May 02 2014: Bunka Fashion College students dressed in orange and blue today in its annual Bunka DRESS CODE event

Kjeld Duits: @Zjonni: That’s Shoshipoi. I have two full shoots with him that I still need to upload. He’s very cool.
Zjonni: So many beautiful styles i would wear any day! The guy in the 12th pic from the bottom was my absolute favorite in this photo set! :)


Tokyo's Rainbow Week Kicks Off

Apr 27 2014: Tokyo’s LGBT Community once again took to the street today…

Kjeld Duits: @Ellie: The situation ids very positive and hopeful at the moments. Great things are happening, and some large changes are in the offing. They happen slowly and very gradually, though. But like a glacier, they won’t turn back.
Ellie: Oooh, so much love and fantastic outfits and positive energy! It’s lovely to see, absolutely lovely. I do hope the situation for queers in Japan continues to get better!


24th Harajuku Fashion Walk

Apr 27 2014: Under a beautiful blue sky, the 24th Harajuku Fashion Walk snaked through Hrajuku today

Kjeld Duits: @Ellie: Thank YOU for your interest and support, Ellie!
Ellie: Ah, so many inspiring outfits! The whole, and the details of them! One of my favourite fashion walk of those I’ve seen so far, I think. Very nice to see! I’m looking forward ever so much to finally return to Japan, though with my luck I’ll be lugging around too much iaido equipment to actually bring something fashionable, if my time/s in Tokyo would coincide with something like this. No reason not to pop by and have a look, though, and get inspired! Ah, yes, so much inspiration. Thank you yet again for your photos!
Kjeld Duits: @MiniMocha24: So called fashion glasses have been popular for several years now. Often they have no lenses, only a frame. They are sold at many fashion boutiques. Prescription glasses are also very well designed in Japan and can be purchased cheaply at several chain stores, such as Zoff, JINS and Oh my Glasses. I was born in the Netherlands, but have lived most of my life in Japan. This Google search will take you to many sites with information about me. ^_-


Bunka Fashion College Students Go Undergound

Apr 20 2014: Tokyo’s venerated Bunka Fashion College organizes lots of events, but sometimes students want to do their own thing


honoyo : Inspirational Stylish Fun

Apr 10 2014: Tokyo hat designer Honoyo Imai’s creations are stylish, fun, and very different…

Kjeld Duits: @Baterka: But I can understand your English. ^^
Baterka: Amazing! I really like how looking his way. (Search for school ,changes etc) Video was inspiring. :-) You can see that passion of creation. She is really charming! (Sorry for my terrible English :-))
Kjeld Duits: @Mathieu S.: Thanks, Mathieu. Yes, Honoyo is a very inspiring person. More artist than designer, I think. That attracts me to her hats even more. She gives you the opportunity to wear art in your daily life. I hope my readers will support her in a big way. Either by sharing this interview, or by purchasing one or more of her works. I really want her to succeed! She deserves it. ^^

Tokyo hat designer Honoyo Imai
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