By Kjeld Duits

Apple Japan's Super Cute Momoko Kikuchi

Dec 31 2002: Apple’s Switch commercials are adored by some, hated by others. But the people that love these ads, love them bad.

Momoko Kikuchi in Apple Commercial

Kabaya Japanese Hero Collection

Dec 01 2002: Japanese producers of sweets and candy often pack their goodies with little presents, so-called o-make. These o-make regularly become the one and only reason to buy the candy.

Carolina Loera: you know were in USA can I buy kabaya candies retail or wholesale, I´ll appreciate to much if you can share this with me on GRACIAS :9
Kjeld Duits: Ashley, these figures were sold already quite a while ago so it will be difficult to find them. But I did find some at the Japanese Yahoo Auctions. You’ll need Japanese, though and a friend in Japan, because the seller won’t ship internationally… Complete set at Yahoo Auctions All Kabaya Japanese Hero auctions at Yahoo Auctions More Kabaya Goods at Yahoo Auctions Historical figures at Yahoo Auctions
Ashley: I was wondering if there was anyplace that sold/auctioned the entire collection.

Nishimura's Wonderful War of Words

Nov 30 2002: Takashi Nishimura (1973) is often compared with illustrator Mori Chack. Amazingly, the two do share a lot.

Fruits by Shoichi Aoki

Nov 01 2002: In the mid 90’s, Japanese photographer Shoichi Aoki decided he should document the wildly dressed teenagers that roamed the streets of Harajuku in Tokyo. He started publishing FRUITS, and never looked back.

Naomi: hey I am studying the fruits movement for my dissertation, I am in Japan at the moment, can anyone tell em where I could meet people to interview or places to go to take pictures? I’d be grateful for any help, thanks in advance. xxx
jessica.flagg: im doing a assignment at school and im doing the famous shoichi aoik i need some information on him
Hannah: Hi, I’m doing an art project at college on starting a business. It’s going to be a shop selling clothes that fruits would wear. Please could you send me more information on the background and the clothes in general? Thanks xx

The Cute Pink Bear with Blood on its Claws

Nov 01 2002: The character Gloomy the Bear is the most horrible nightmare you can ever fall in love with

Jasmine: I think it’s really cool how he started. I personally can’t draw at all:(
misa: yup yup.. very kawaii.. but i also would prefer if it was a vampire yo n vampires r like frikin hot
ally: i love the bear but make it a vampire next time not a bear i mean make a human vampire next time a hot one that the girls will love to have if it were real their boyfriend


Girl's Style

Nov 01 2002: If you ever visited a Japanese bookstore you are familiar with the rows and rows of fashion magazines. The most interesting ones are without doubt the ones that follow street fashion.

venus: sure would lov it if you came here los angeles i didn’t know this way of styles were out i\ve been dressing uniquely for a while and thought i was all alone
nazia parveen: i love love japanese culture. i would like to buy books and magazines on fashion and toys-can you advise me purrlease xxx
VICKY: i want to view a new fashion in japan
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