By Kjeld Duits

Takuya Angel Events

Nov 15 2006: Japanese designer Takuya Angel is organizing two events that you don’t want to miss if you are in Tokyo this month.

Found in Translation

Jul 12 2006: Onitsuka Tiger has created a site to showcase Anglo-Japanese creativity: Found in Translation “It’s about the new wave replacing old cliche’s,” boasts the new site, “originality over-riding stereotypes.”


Jun 19 2006: Polish serigraphy artist and painter Agnieszka Ledochowska used photographs of Japanese street fashion taken by Kjeld Duits for some amazing art work.

Largest Anime Center to Open

Mar 12 2006: Japan’s largest anime center opens in Akihabara this Wednesday.

YAB-YUM Interview

Mar 02 2006: Shortly after their TOKYO GOTH show at the Japan Fashion Week last year I had a short e-mail exchange with YAB-YUM designer Patrick Ryan

Open Your Clothes

Mar 02 2006: A unique Japanese community for people who love clothes.

Blonde is Fading

Feb 25 2006: “Japan’s blondes vanish as women turn to dark side,” Reuters reports today.

Kjeld Duits: @Dustheap: I don’t think the reporter was actually correct when she wrote that straight hair black hair is considered unflattering in Japan. That is why I commented on the article. I am sure there are lots of people who think so, but they are definitely not a majority. Having said that, I think you always have the The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence thing happening, people wanting things they don't, or can't, have.
Dustheap: It’s so strange that straight hair is considered unfaltering in japan, yet in America everyone wants that flat ironed hair look… I see people with wavy hair, yet it seems that more people want straight!

International Design Competition

Feb 16 2006: Gen Art, a non-profit organization that showcases the top emerging talent in fashion, film and the visual arts, announces “Gen Art Styles 2006 International Design Competition.”
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