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Aug 14 2007: Tokyo, August 15 2007 – JAPANESE STREETS starts today with a brand-new look and logo. The site has also been completely re-built to make it more user-friendly and consistent.

Tokyo Pride Fashion

Aug 10 2007: The Tokyo Pride Parade of Saturday August 11 resembled a Japanese cosplay event. Lots of people spent a lot of effort, and money, to attract attention to the plight of sexual minorities

Fashion Video

Aug 08 2007: Several interesting video clips showing fashion in Japan: Tokyo Girls Collection 2007 and TV commercials for the Japanese fashion magazines AneCan and CanCam.

Teeny Tiny Cellphones

Aug 07 2007: Love those really cool Japanese keitai (mobile phones)? Would love to have one, but don’t live in Japan? Now you can. A Japanese company sells miniature versions of some of Japan’s hottest keitai.

hua: this is soooo cooolll!!!!!!!!!

Mini Keitai

Japan Fashion Week 5

Aug 07 2007: The Spring Summer collection of the Japan Fashion Week will be held in Tokyo from August 29 through September 5. JapaneseStreets will be there again to tell you about Japan’s latest fashion trends.

All Bought Up by Tokyo

Aug 06 2007: Japanese artist Ayako Ookubo uses manga, surreal characters and symbols in her creations. Recently Ookubo was interviewed by Tokyo Art Beat about the t-shirt she designed for the site.

Kjeld Duits: @Dakuro: Unfortunately, we didn’t put up this video ourselves and I have no connection with the person who did… I am unable to assist. Sorry for the inconvenience.
Dakuro: Hey I can’t watch the videos, can you send me a link for the friend request to watch them please, thanks

New Trends for Japanese Men

Jul 18 2007: The past few years, young Japanese men are paying more and more attention to their hairstyles, skin care and scents. What only a few years ago would still have been seen as effected or feminine is now rapidly becoming standard.

Cosplay in Kansai

Feb 18 2007: JapaneseStreets today attended West Power 2007, one of the larger cosplay events in West Japan. Some 80 photographs of this event have been uploaded to our photo section.

Samuel Pigott: Hello, hello out dare !

Japanese Cosplayers
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