By Kjeld Duits

Autumn in Tokyo

Nov 13 2007: We are shooting on the streets of Harajuku, Tokyo again this week. Autumn has finally conquered Japan and it shows in the clothes. We just uploaded over 100 photographs of this Autumn fashion.

Ozzie: I love the scarf. Animal prints are so fun~! It has a sort of Indiana Jones theme.
jehona: hey this is jehona from france

Cute Little Devils

Oct 15 2007: Japan has so many fashion magazines that you can spend weeks reading them all. Ko-akuma Ageha, launched last year October, is one of the newest ones. “Ko-akuma” means “Little Devil”…

Ozzie: Rinestones are the smex x3 You should see my outrageous overdecorate cellphone.shimmer A’thankya Hime-kei for sticky prettis.
snen: They forgot to mention that this mag is mostly for hostesses and sex workers…not that that’s a bad thing, I like the magazine and hosts and hostesses are the most stylish people in Japan.
maharu ico: This is awesome!! I luv the phone!! ^^ ; ]

Onitsuka Tiger x Edwin Jeans

Sep 11 2007: Japanese heritage and sports fashion brand Onitsuka Tiger has teamed up with Japan-based Edwin on a jeans collaboration to be sold across Japan and in selected stores abroad.

showroom: Hi! I have a shop in France and I’m interested to buy Edwin jeans for my shop. Would you like to say me where can I contact Edwin jeans’ supplier.
Sean Lee: We are interested in both your mens and ladies product for the Hong Kong market. Kindly advise how I could get in touch with your wholesale department. My e-mail address is Thank you. Sean Lee Chief Buyer
marcin: Hi, am looking for someone who can help me in case of get onitsuka tiger and edwin wholesale contact , or franchise offer! thank u in advance

Summer in Tokyo

Aug 28 2007: Yesterday we shot all day in Harajuku, Tokyo. Summer in Tokyo is hot, temperature and fashion-wise, and shooting was a lot of fun. We just uploaded 64 photographs of this shoot.

arman: i love his hair…
maharu ico: Love her hair!!!!!!!^^ ;3

Hot Summer Fashion

Aug 21 2007: We have just uploaded 71 photographs of Summer fashion, shot in Osaka’s trendy Minami-Horie district. The fashion boutiques that you find here are very similar to the ones in Tokyo’s Daikanyama.

Sayoko Yamaguchi 1950-2007

Aug 19 2007: Japanese supermodel Sayoko Yamaguchi died from acute pneumonia on August 14 it was reported today.

bobble-bee: i wouldn’t think people can still die of pneumonia nowadays.. what a really sad thing to happen.And she was so young!
Koti: She was amazing and a true hero.
Kjeld Duits: True, Marble Tiger!

Cool Japanese Hairstyles

Aug 19 2007: We have just uploaded a small batch of photographs of Japanese hairstyles. Especially popular these days is the so-called wolf-cut.

danneshia: sorry
hanamya: that’s cool..maybe you can make it better by highlighting your hair too…please upload more latest hairstyles ok?
mei: Basically Japanese hair is layered and teased. Spray hair spray on it too. :D there are tutorials on youtube


The End of Little Shrimp?

Aug 17 2007: One of Japan’s most popular models, lovingly called Ebichan or ‘little shrimp’, appears to be heading toward the end of her career. For only the second time in about four years, Ebichan will not feature on the cover of CanCam.
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