By Kjeld Duits

Bambi is Sexy

Mar 24 2008: Japanese fashion designer Bambi makes clothes that makes women stare at themselves in the mirror. Her brand Succubus is sexy written in big capital letters.

tavares: Give me the models…Beautifuls
Kjeld Duits: Me too!
Manana: those clothes are great!!! I loved the corsets!!!

60910-6588.1 - Succubus fashion designer Bambi

New Fashion Blog

Mar 23 2008: Japan Times fashion columnist Misha Janette will start blogging about Japanese fashion on JAPANESE STREETS starting this week.

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Dark Fantasies

Mar 21 2008: Japanese photographer Miya Kishimura pulls you into a dark world of fantasy from which it is difficult to escape. A school girl in uniform with desperate eyes. The same girl with grotesque make-up. In another shot she lies on the street, seemingly dead. This is Kishimura’s world.

jeni-jeni: The girl with the red thread across her face almost looks like a girl version of Heath Ledger’s Joker! Great photos.
Kjeld Duits: I think so, too, Nandita. Both conceptually and artistically, these photographs are really strong. Miya is also very sensitive to the feelings of her generation.
Nandita: i thinks its brilliant work.. both styling n make-up, very conceptual to me.. and the final effect is photographed really well too! keep up d good work!


Cosplay in Osaka

Mar 20 2008: Nippon Street Festa Osaka, one of Osaka’s largest public cosplay events, took place on March 20. It was attended by some 200,000 people, of which more than 1,000 were actual cosplayers.

sandeep: i want all the photoes from the site

Japan Fashion Week March 2008

Mar 18 2008: Japan Fashion Week started last week. More shows will be on this week and later this month. We just uploaded close to 2,000 photos of 17 runway shows.

Design Competition

Mar 18 2008: Gen Art invites you to compete in Styles 2008 International Design Competition, a program for emerging fashion designers in the US.

SCOOP: Japan Pop Culture Festival

Feb 26 2008: A major Japan Pop Culture Festival will be organized in Osaka this October, JAPANESE STREETS has learned today.

fatima tobias: i love japan i dream someday go overthere and i want to learn more about your languge and please pass an ideas about how i get to dress & hairdo arigato gozaima

Gothic & Lolita Bible in English

Dec 05 2007: Japan’s extremely popular Gothic & Lolita Bible will be released in English in the US next year.

momo[ko]!: HOORAY!!:D wow…i just admire and adore loli fashion-it’s TOO cute! im soo happy that it’s finally out in english- i’ve ordered little ol’ me a copy-im so anxious to get it!XD
rieluvlolita: yay!!!!can’wait to get my hands on one of those!!….And a sewing machine….
Hime Kimiko: Yay, yay, yay!!! I can have REAL patterns, FINALLY!!! And that way I can read the measurements and what the preferred materials are and then all the other cool stuff that comes with loli! I’m thrilled. It’s hard enough to design this stuff without a basic pattern to start one’s self on. Even with the geometry it’s just really complicated unless you are very knowledgable in how fabrics will react. It’s hard to get the dress perfect.
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