By Kjeld Duits

Summer Rags

Jul 18 2008: This week, JAPANESE STREETS went back to Osaka’s Amerika Mura to do some shooting of people in their summer clothes. It has been a while since we last shot in Osaka. As always, it was great fun.

Skulls Galore

Jul 16 2008: Perhaps unconsciously influenced by Indiana Jones and the Temple of the Crystal Skull, skulls are hot in Japan at the moment. They are everywhere. On t-shirts, accessories, bags, shoes, mobile phones. You can’t take a stroll on Japan’s cool streets without running into a few. Come and see some of the skulls we ran into this week.

Designer Survival Guide

Jul 14 2008: The revised edition of The Fashion Design Survival Guide was brought out by Kaplan Publishing this month.

Kansai Shows Off

Apr 14 2008: Japanese fashion designer Kansai Yamamoto and the Edo-Tokyo Museum collaborate to show the impact of traditional culture using the designer’s bold designs as a starting point.


Mar 27 2008: Japan’s fashionable bargain brand UNIQLO has launched a new series of UT t-shirts inspired by manga.

This is Tokyo

Mar 26 2008: I just found a wonderful video clip of Tokyo that is probably one of the best that I have ever seen. It contains some scenes that appear a bit outdated, but most show the Tokyo that I know and love.

Japanese Schoolgirls

Mar 25 2008: Fans of Japanese schoolgirl culture will enjoy watching this video clip of the song Aitakatta by girl group AKB48. It features Pocky, keitai, school uniforms and even the ubiquitous keitai straps.

Faked Faces

Mar 24 2008: Some of Japan’s best loved stars didn’t quite look the same way when they started their career. JAPANESE STREETS found this revealing video clip showing Japan’s most famous before and after plastic surgery.

Kjeld Duits: That is very interesting to hear. I have seen my own eyes sag considerably the past few years, so It doesn’t come as a total surprise.
rin: Testimony from a fellow Asian who had double eyelids (naturally) after years of being single lidded – It’s not always surgery :)
apolo: This is a rare case. The Japanese rarely change face like the Koean.
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