By Kjeld Duits

Harajuku Fashion

Sep 12 2008: Last week we spent three full days shooting in Harajuku and found quite a few people we liked. It may have been way too hot for real Harajuku fashion. But we did find a huge range of trends, from Spank! to Gothic to “ethnic”, and lots more.

Spring Summer Shows

Sep 03 2008: The Japan Fashion Week is in full swing in Tokyo this week, and JAPANESE STREETS is there to capture quite a few of the shows for Spring/Summer 2009.

Visual Kei Fashion

Aug 21 2008: Early August, the disbanded visual kei band Phantasmagoria gave a surprise one-time-only concert at Amerika Mura in Osaka. We photographed some of their fans.

Kitty: i love visual kei! i love being unique and the style makes me feel that way. the only thing i dont like is doing my hair for special occasions. =_=0
yana: I have pink hair like JUN he is my favorite from phantasmagoria<3 I love MAGO:*^^
AnCafe: first i <3 Riku ome he is so cute and second it is a GUY not a irl and ya he has the most awesome fashion ever!!!

Yukata Special

Aug 19 2008: Summer time is yukata time in Japan. JAPANESE STREETS went out and found some trendy men and women wearing yukata in Osaka.

Beach Fashion

Aug 18 2008: Although the Japanese o-Bon vacation has finished, it is still very much Summer in Japan with high temperatures driving people to the beaches. JAPANESE STREETS checks out beach fashion this week.

golden fox: hello every one iam a quens of fashion have any problem find me only

100+ Japanese T-Shirts

Aug 17 2008: JAPANESE STREETS went onto the streets the past few weeks and shot over 100 Japanese t-shirts.

Kjeld Duits: You can sign up here
daniel leong: kindly send me e-update news thru my email. address. thanks you.

Win a Free Trip to Japan!

Aug 06 2008: Japan youth fashion giant Marui has announced a unique fashion contest for non-Japanese. The Grand Prize is a FREE trip to Japan for two persons.

n: im in!!!!
kiana strnger: i really hope i win i want to make some awesome japanese friends sweet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
kiana strnger: i ave always wante to go to japan and I LOVE ANIME!!!!!!!!

Colored Contact Damage

Jul 18 2008: Colored contact lenses that alter the color of the pupils have become extremely popular among trendy Japanese the past few years as we have recorded in photo after photo. These days, some 5 million of them are sold in Japan every year.
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