By Kjeld Duits

10 J-Goods for the Holidays

Dec 16 2008: It is the holiday season! I had a good browse in our brand new JAPANESE STREETS store to look for some cool goods from Japan for you to give, receive, or buy for yourself (why wait?).

Kjeld Duits: Thank you, Aimee. They are really cool, aren’t they? I love to see a photo of you wearing them! I am sending you happy, positive, healing vibes for Yoshi.
Aimee: Thank you Kjeid! I gave in and ordered the headphones! I will be sure to write about them when they arrive and link back to your gorgeous site. :)
Kjeld Duits: Thanks, Aimee. Those headphones are super cool, aren’t they! And I love the ring, too.

Selling a Bit of Japan

Dec 14 2008: Japanese pop culture is slowly but surely eating away the cultural stronghold that the US has kept for more than half a century. From manga to animated movies to food, Japanese influence is increasing worldwide.

Kjeld Duits: I don’t think so. I think it is very healthy competition. Until now, Japan has never tried really hard to export much of this stuff, especially TV dramas. The Korean pressure is making Japanese producers take a second look, though.
Crazypiggy: Love Domo. I’m so very happy that there are more and more Japanese products available in the US. But my question: Is Japan losing some of it’s ground in Asia with the K-pop and K-Drame and such?

Buy J-Fashion Mags Online

Dec 10 2008: Recently lots of people have been asking us where to buy the Japanese fashion magazines that we list in our directory. Here is a brief list of places where you can buy them online.

a c y h o z: thank you so much for sharing this!!
Bec: Sometimes if you are lucky and live near a big newsagent they have a section of foreign magazines. So do many airport newsagents. I suggest you check their before online as you might find some cool things you’ve never heard of and can add to your list of magazines to buy online,
Kjeld Duits: @Roy: 本屋さんで買えます。

Japanese Streets Store

Dec 08 2008: We often get questions about where a specific clothing item can be bought, where to buy Japanese fashion magazines, or how to get a particular cool anime character. Now you can get them at the Japanese Streets Store!

Naked Tokyo:2008

Dec 06 2008: Naked Tokyo is an international collective of photographers who apply their signature styles to interpreting Japan’s capital by revealing a small sliver of the Naked Tokyo within.

Ernesto: k-mu, thanks very much for your nice comments on my “Homeless in Tokyo” series. The men on the pictures were very friendly and dignified. I tried to portray them in that way.
Kjeld Duits: Thank you so much for the feedback, k-mu. I am really sorry that I have to miss it. I would have loved to see the Homeless in Tokyo series.
k-mu: They were so good! I loved the “Homeless in Tokyo series” and the “Night Play” series. The pictures of the guy with the bag on his head was too funny! Most of them were already sold when I went. Also, Rick Balia’s photo’s of the Harajuku girls were beautiful! The colors were really striking.

Modern Kimono at Tokyo 135˚

Dec 02 2008: The Tokyo 135˚ shop is hidden away on the second floor in a small building on a back street of Harajuku. If you don’t know it is there, you’ll most probably never find it. You’d miss out on Harajuku’s best modern kimono shop.

Kjeld Duits: Thanks, Mirjam. The best of the old with the best of the new. I like that a lot. Expect more cool finds like this over the next few months.
kmirjam: traditional & new. ecletick, but good. i like it!
Kjeld Duits: This is one of my favorite stores in Harajuku! Do go and check it out.


Getting the Boot

Dec 02 2008: I remember how much fun it was to jump in puddles of rainwater with my shiny rain boots when I was a kid. That fun seemed to have somehow escaped when I grew up. Well, fun times are here again. Rain boots get trendy.

Rachael smith: The rain boots are trendier and yes they are very popular in US. Love those boots and flaunt them in rainy days.
American Gal: ummm yes they def r popular in the U.S. …been here all my life and they are here in abundance.
Kjeld Duits: Not so popular yet in the US? Really? It makes you unique of course, but it also limits your choice. I love these cool rain boots.

Oversized Sunglasses

Dec 02 2008: Oversized sunglasses are big everywhere these days, and Japan is no exception.

peyman karami: hi i sending imail from iran us company want to collaboration.
monica: a site that i bought a ton of oversized sunglasses was
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