By Kjeld Duits

JFW A/W 2009: Chinami Kamishima

Mar 25 2009: CHINAMI KAMISHIMA presented a very accessible line-up of mostly subdued colors.


Fashion Week A/W 2009

Mar 24 2009: The 2009 Autum/Winter collections of the Japan Fashion Week started in Tokyo yesterday. As usual, JAPANESE STREETS is there to bring the shows to you. We actually have two photographers covering the shows this season.

Cosplayers Invade Osaka

Mar 21 2009: March 20 saw the largest public cosplay event Osaka has experienced so far. This year’s Nippon Street Festa Osaka attracted an incredible crowd.

Capsule Tokyo for Men

Mar 17 2009: JAPANESE STREETS asked internet fashion shop Capsule Tokyo to put together some suggestions for 2009 spring fashion for men. Capsule Tokyo came up with three cool styles: Onikei Street, Urban Punk and Smart Attitude.

Kjeld Duits: Hi B. Cop, Contact Capsule Tokyo and refer back to this page. They may still be able to help you. Cheers, Kjeld
B. Cop: hey, omg i am in love with the top image of the mens clothing i love the pants, boots, shirt, necklace where can i buy this. Also i am located in australia. would you know any similar type of clothing sites or brand names thank you greatly
naser: no no its oright man. u do good work and helped me a lot.. thank you so much man, I am grateful for that :)

Capsule Tokyo Men's Fashion Spring 2009

Hyper-Low Bikini-Pants

Mar 11 2009: First showing up on TV about a year ago, Jeans Bikini-Pants made by Tokyo based fashion brand Sanna’s have been getting an increasing amount of attention in Japan. The Brazil made pants expose more than people are used to.

Crazypiggy: No Way!!! What were they thinking???!!!! ahhhh!!!
Kjeld Duits: Mainstream stylists in the UK are giving the thumbs-down on this one. This just may foretell success in the UK market…
Misato: It’s clear plagiarism of brazilian brand Zoomp‘s 2006’s bikini pants! Which actually were better cut!

Sanna's Ultra Low-Rise Bikini Pants

Harajuku Night in London

Feb 25 2009: London based Criminal Records UK is hosting the second night of their new residency, Harajuku, on Friday, February 27.

asia: hi im asia
Kjeld Duits: For this event, you will have to travel to London, but of course we will also list events in Japan again. Thanks for the shout, Aimee. Glad you love your your new headphones! I’ll be introducing more goodies from Japan, soon.
Aimee: This sounds like so much fun! If we get a chance to travel to Japan I will have to be sure to check your site for events that we can attend. :) I have been loving my headphones by the way, and gave a shout out on my blog too! Thank you again!

Harajuku Night London

Nipponbashi Cosplay Matsuri

Feb 11 2009: Layered reports that Nipponbashi Cosplay Matsuri, also known as Nippon Street Festa Osaka, one of Osaka’s largest public cosplay events, will take place on March 20.

Kjeld Duits: Hi Aimee, maybe you can be there next year. The event is growing every year and is now truly something worth traveling to Japan for.
Aimee: That looks like so much fun! I wish that I could be there in person, but the photos are amazing!

Love my Cell Phone Strap

Jan 22 2009: Japanese mobile phones undoubtedly stand out in the crowd. But what makes them truly unique is the incredible heavy usage of straps. Each phone is actually designed with a hole specifically for straps.

Vee: I have a pretzel strap that looks real. It has a “DON’T EAT” message hanging off it too.
Manana: Gosh its adorable!! I have my cellphone full of them, and it can be unconfortable and hard to carry, but definitly worth it!!
becki: I love phone straps! i used to have so many on my phone but they all got tangled and heavy so only have a couple now..i have 3 hello kittys,my melody and cinnamaroll :)
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