By Kjeld Duits

Gladiators & Long Noses

May 16 2009: While shooting in Osaka’s trendy Minami-Horie district today, it started to rain. So I sought shelter in the nearest shop, a small men’s shoe shop run by Tokyo shoe brand whoop’-de-doo’. Their latest offerings are really cool, so I want to share them with you.

bluesakura: those gladiator shoes are appearing from everywhere, I really hate them >_<
wowchicken: OMG!! I wanna own one of the gladiator and the long two lace shoes.
Manana: hmmm. I didnt like the gladiator sandals… but the others look confortable! specially the Long Nose Leather Sneakers! still I prefer doll shoes 4 me…

Gladiator Shoes

J-Fashion Magazines

Apr 11 2009: One question we get asked over and over again, is where you can buy Japanese fashion magazines.

MoonBerry: Oh, the clothes there are so pretty. My friend and I both try are hardest to follow these fashions because they’re so unique! We pick up every fashion magazine that we can!
moo moo: i think that the fashion in japan is very trendy ans I give it two years and I bet that the peoplein the states will be dressing like you guys

Latest Harajuku Photos

Apr 02 2009: Last Saturday and Sunday JAPANESE STREETS went shooting in Tokyo’s trendy Harajuku youth fashion district.

JFW A/W 2009: Junya Tashiro

Mar 25 2009: Like many of this season’s shows at the Japan Fashion Week, Junya Tashiro was in a black mood

Kjeld Duits: Most of the models used by Japanese designers are foreigners. They feel that their clothes look more beautiful on Western models. Kind of a weird concept, as their customers are Japanese. They should be trying their best to make their clothes look good on Japanese bodies, right?
Manana: mmm, is the model a foreigner? where all the models like her or they were japanese models too? I like the combination of the color, pink and white XD
MoonBerry: That was a beautiful dress! I love the color and the lace and the frills…oh, it’s all so pretty!


Mar 25 2009: JOTARO SAITO is the only designer that dares to present kimono at the Japan Fashion Week, which makes his shows always something truly special.

Manana: I think is really cool that japanese designers show their culture in fashion!! Some westerns (including me) will love to wear kimonos!! they are beautiful and they are very refined and polite!!!!


JFW A/W 2009: Aguri Sagimori

Mar 25 2009: Aguri Sagimori went pitch black this season.

Kitty: ~I LOVE to meet new extraordinary people! I want to have friends all around the world!

JFW A/W 2009: Fresh Rice

Mar 24 2009: The Shinmai Creator’s Project was set up to promote Japan’s strength in textiles and give promising new designers a stage to show their mettle. Shinmai actually means new or fresh rice. The aspiring designers are, as it were, the grains that the organizers aim to provide fertile soil for.

SHIDA TATSUYA Autumn/Winter 2009 Collection

JFW A/W 2009: araisara

Mar 24 2009: araisara showed simple straight lines in stark black and white creations.

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