By Kjeld Duits

An Eye for Details

Jun 17 2009: Colored or special effect contact lenses are hugely popular in Japan, among both fashionistas and cosplayers. With cosplay spreading all over the world, such contact lenses are now increasingly being used outside Japan, too.

Kjeld Duits: I think so, too, Joeyoeyannanna and wowchicken!
wowchicken: So cool. I like the one with the purple tint. :)
Joeyoeyannanna: Woah! the girl on the top’s eyes look really cool

Harajuku Shoot

Jun 15 2009: I went shooting again in Tokyo’s Harajuku. The rain limited the opportunities somewhat, but I still found some cool people.

Summer Ning: I love lolita so much!! awwww !! i like that girl~
Joeyoeyannanna: she’s really cute! i love her hair.
Kjeld Duits: Those rings are incredible, hey! I admire how they find them all.

Lolita Fashion

Fashion Events in Tokyo

Jun 11 2009: Lots of large fashion events coming up in Tokyo over the next 6 months. Here is a list.

prateek: Hello..this is Prateek from India…. i love Japanese fashion a lot… i am a design student in India..i want to work and study in Japan..Please suggest me some institutes and Designers where i can send my portfolio . thank you :)
Kjeld Duits: I have been to most and I can tell you that they are all lots of fun. The Tokyo Girls Collection is wild, not like any fashion show you have ever been to.
Hanjo: Oh my God, I would love to see them all! I used to work in fashion in my country and… well, it must be great here, as japanese fashion world seems to be more open to young designers and new, out of the box ideas… or at least this is what I see :)

Fashion Events

ECO Bag Madness

Jun 08 2009: Some 90 stores at Tokyo’s Laforet Harajuku are selling specially designed ECO Bags until June 21. JAPANESE STREETS found quite a few cool ones. Here is a selection:

Bianka Costa: I´d like to recieve news letter from you!!!I loved all things that you have!!!!!!!!I´m from Brasil, Sao Paulo
wowchicken: I LOVE them all. I especially like the one with the bunny on it, the teddy one, and the “fur fur” one. It’s really cute.
Joeyoeyannanna: Ooh i like them. they’re so unique.


Pink and Pretty

Jun 07 2009: Angelic Pretty, one of Japan’s top brands for Lolita fashion

Kjeld Duits: @Ellie: Glad we were one of the first to mention it! ^^
Ellie: I love seeing them talk about how they were wishing to open a store in the us… and now its a reality!!! ^^
Squishy: I saw Angelic Pretty in Kyoto but my exchange group was leaving before the store could open, I live for lolita and to this day I still feel like crying at the memory. When I honeymoon in Japan I am going to Tokyooo! I wish to meet Maki & Asuka one day!


Watch Your Head!

Jun 07 2009: Hair bands are usually worn high on the head, but since about last year an increasing number of Japanese women wear them on the forehead. Shades of 1960s hippiedom.

joeyoeyannanna: I tried the braid think across my head and it looked really cool!!
Kjeld Duits: Glad you found it helpful, Joeyoeyannanna.
Joeyoeyannanna: Woah! I love how it looks on the second picture. (the girl with the pink polka dotted head band). I never thought about braiding my hair like that. I should try it some time.


Takuya Angel Goodies

Jun 06 2009: I took photographs of some Takuya Angel goodies when I visited his shop in Harajuku a while back. Never got to posting them. But, here they are now. Cool stuff!

GenkiDamaXL: Acidently here… Scouter Rocks!!!
elisa kuipers: this is wonderfull sign by times
Kjeld Duits: @Withs: Only the LED lights up. I am not sure, if I understand your question “also are those metallic pipes in plastic tube?”

Takuya Angel Goodies

Chameleon Bag

Jun 02 2009: Some of my friends have closets full of bags. But they still buy more because none fit the new clothes they just bought. Now there is a chameleon bag, change colors any way you like.

tahti: they already had something like this here in the us since like 2 years ago
Kjeld Duits: I am like that, too! Love a bargain.
Joeyoeyannanna: Yeah i looked! thats awesome!!! but its too expensive! lol i usually only buy things if they’re on sale hahaha

Endless Bag
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