By Kjeld Duits

Show Your Heels!

Jul 15 2009: Cropped pants have been extremely popular with women the past few years. More and more men have taken to them as well. Especially this Summer, cropped pants for men are huge. Pardon the pun, but they’re cropping up everywhere.

wowchicken: Wow, cropped pants for men. Usually the girls get all the new looks, but now something for the men to wear too. Cool :)
Kjeld Duits: ANJJ: Yes, excellent observation! I photographed him before. I actually went through the archive for recent photos of cropped(-like) pants.
Joeyoeyannanna: yeah the last guy has nice ones too lol. The second row is a very classic cropped look. i don’t really like the top ones because they seem like they should be for girls >.< The guy in the middle in the fourth row has nice ones too

Latest Photos

Jul 02 2009: Two new photographers have been shooting in Tokyo for JAPANESE STREETS recently. We just uploaded the shots of one of them, Emi Kusano.

Jade: Boo=]
wowchicken: I checked out the link, and the boots the models wear are really nice.


Harajuku Shoot II

Jul 02 2009: Last May I shot a group of 8 friends, all of them lolita fans. I wasn’t able to upload all photos because the brand information for many of them was missing. These missing shots were finally uploaded today!

Romeo X-ray Delta: gorgeous hair colour, i think i may try it out!!!!
Kjeld Duits: @Joeyoeyannanna: Yes, I think they are cute, too. Leave some comments below their photos. I don’t know if they understand any English, but maybe we can persuade them to react to the comments.
Joeyoeyannanna: Cute! I want to meet them lol


From Tokyo to You

Jun 30 2009: Tomorrow, Deanne Tonking and Masao Tamaoki, the founders of TokyoMade, start a weekly guest blog on JAPANESE STREETS.


Kitty Molds and More

Jun 30 2009: I am always on the lookout for stuff that is cool, beautiful, fun, wacky or attracts my attention in some other way. Recently I found three that just made me smile.

wowchicken: The muffin mold are perfect for a party or to make a cute birthday cupcake. I should get one of those.
Kjeld Duits: Hi Jini, they are quite reasonably priced at J-List, I thought. Links to the shopping pages are below the article if you are really interested.
Jini: ooh, i totally love the cloth sandal !!! i totally wanna buy them, i love the colours too (: and the hello kitty muffin mold is cute too XD

Hello Kitty Muffin Mold

Personalized Umbrellas

Jun 29 2009: We are in the middle of the Rainy Season in Japan. Umbrella time! I often use the cheap vinyl ones that you buy at convenience stores. They are cheap, but impossible to distinguish from other umbrellas. Now there is a fix!

Kjeld Duits: @Charlotte: I have lost quite a few umbrella’s myself. I am not sure though if we would be considered Heavy Umbrella Users… For that you have to use a lot of them.
Charlotte: “This is also great for people who are dismissively categorized in Japan as 「ビニール傘ヘビーユーザー」Heavy Plastic Umbrella Users, people who repeatedly buy such an umbrella, forget it and end up buying a new one, over and over again.” Aw…they have a special insult for that? That’s just mean. Umbrellas are difficult to keep track of! …I have 2 broken umbrellas in my car alone!
freethelamps: So cute, but I wonder if it looks better with clear umbrellas like in the picture? and hopefully it will soon be available online.


Harajuku Comes to SF

Jun 18 2009: Edgy Japanese fashion brands Baby, The Stars Shine Bright, Black Peace Now, 6%DOKIDOKI and SOUSOU will open boutiques at San Fransisco’s NEW PEOPLE, a new 20,000 square foot Japanese pop culture mall in the city’s Japantown, planned to open on August 15th.

Kjeld Duits: @Tara: You ARE lucky!
Tara: It just so happens I’m visiting san fran the 17th! how lucky!
Manana: waa so envius! its not my favorite brand, but its great that japanese brands are expanding outside japan XD

New People

Girl Next Door Skirts

Jun 17 2009: J-pop trio Girl Next Door‘s new single Infinity has a great video with brightly colored flair skirts over black petticoats. They look incredibly cute.

joeyoeyannanna: you could make them really easily!!
Jini: wow, they’ll def catch on!! i want one!! ;D but where to get them ? T___T
wowchicken: OMG!! This song is the closing theme of Atashinchi no Danshi, a japanese drama. I really like it. The skirts are so cute. I wish I could get myself a pair. They’ll really catch on.

Girl Next Door
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