By Kjeld Duits

Buddhist Street Flair

Aug 12 2009: Add some spiritual flavor to your fashion style

wowchicken: Yeah, the cell phone cases are really nice, and a cute place to put your cell phone. Love the oriental design.
Kjeld Duits: Those designs go back hundreds of years, and they’re still really cool. I wonder how many of today’s big names in design and fashion still have their designs in use a few hundred years from now!
Jini: ooh yes, i love the prints on the cell phone cases as well!! the shirts too ^^

Kohtoriya Buddhist Fashion

Deliciously Issey Miyake

Jul 27 2009: Japanese fashion designer Issey Miyake is especially well-known for creating new materials. His most famous invention, Pleats Please, was recently deliciously transformed by Taku Satoh Design Office.

UNIQLO Does Pac-Man

Jul 26 2009: Thirty years ago the video game Pac-Man was launched. It soon ruled the world. To celebrate the 30th anniversary, UNIQLO has collaborated with six Japanese and international artists to create some very cool limited edition t-shirts.

mizakiwa: These are so adorable <33 I would buy the first and second to last one xD
Jini: omg i love the last 4 ones !!!! pac-man was awesome!!! actually, it still is ;D

10 "Best" Products of '08

Jul 24 2009: Japan’s Yahoo Shopping last year December listed 10 products that Yahoo members just couldn’t resist. Although totally unrelated to fashion, I have been wanting to share this list with you for quite a while.

Joeyoeyannanna: Its ok for that haha it would just be weird though to be walking through the grocery store and see someone wearing that.
Kjeld Duits: @Joeyoeyannanna: It is originally worn outside with nothing over it. Female pearl divers in Japan wore it as late as the 1950’s, and nothing else. In matsuri (religious festivals) men still wear the fundoshi. Sumo wrestlers wear something similar. Fundoshi wouldn’t look out of place on any beach, or pool. I wore something similar when I participated in a matsuri many years ago. It was incredibly comfortable. I was pleasantly surprised. It was also extremely interesting to see that many women were clearly very strongly attracted to the men wearing the fundoshi.
Joeyoeyannanna: ok haha I was a little confused. As long as its a thing they don’t wear in public with nothing over it then i’m ok … lol that would be scary…

Tokyo Fashion Map

Jul 23 2009: UNIQLO’s Japanese advertising has been fun and creative from its early days. Their ads sometimes remind me of what Apple does with its advertising. I love this Tokyo Fashion Map.

10 Goodies for Summer

Jul 22 2009: Summer is here! At least for those of us in the Northern hemisphere… Are you ready for the fun? JAPANESE STREETS has selected 10 J-Goodies to enjoy this Summer more.

wowchicken: The geta sandals are very nice too. They actually look comfortable to me. I watched Spirited Away a long time ago, and its a really good film to watch. It also won an Oscar for it.
Kjeld Duits: Haha. I get sweat baths from headphones all year round. I guess I have hot ears… LOL
Misato: the Mix-Style headphones look good for the summer, you’re right, but they’re very hot! they’re good to give your ears a sweat bath! ;)

Summer in Osaka

Jul 20 2009: It has been a while since I last shot in Osaka’s Minami-Horie, so I went to my usual hang-out in this trendy fashion area to look for the latest trends.

wowchicken: I really like top with the black shawl or cardigan thingy, lol. It’s really cute.
Jini: OMG i LOVE that girls short pants !!! she pulls it of really well, i wouldn’t dare wearing such short pants D”:

Hats are Back!

Jul 20 2009: Hats have never really been away as the Japanese love their head wear, but Panama and Fedora style hats are back big time this year.

fulvia: have you ever seen FLU’S EAR hats? :D….really unique…
wowchicken: I LOVE fedora hats, I just hope the trend lasts longer than most other trends.
Kjeld Duits: In the Summer of 2003, the trend lasted for about 3 months. As the current recession makes people more careful about how they use their money, it may last longer. Or it may not... Fashion is a bit like the weather, tough to predict.;-)It is not too late to get yourself a cool hat for this Summer, though. Check out the Panama hats and Fedora hats for sale in our online store.
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