By Kjeld Duits

Tokyo Decadance Paris

Oct 03 2009: Famed undergound club event Tokyo Decadance is returning to Europe this month, with a Halloween extravaganza in Paris. Cross off your agenda now and don’t miss this rare opportunity. Worth travelling to Paris for!

mizakiwa: Wow, they look so amazine OuO It would be a sight to definitely see!
wowchicken: cool!! I actually would wear some of those outfits for Halloween.
Jini: gosh, wish halloween was celebrated over here ):

Going to the Max

Oct 02 2009: As I wrote several weeks ago, maxi dresses were big this Summer. I created a special section with just a few of the maxi dresses I ran into the past few months.

louie marie: maxi dress are really cute specially when their designs are really on the go but sometimes you have to agree with the weather. Check out this one you can find some good stuff and hints about fashion.
wowchicken: I can’t wear maxis this year anymore, its really gotten cold here. I hope its still in next year.


Harajuku & Osaka Trends

Sep 30 2009: As most of you have already noticed, we uploaded over 170 photos of street fashion in Tokyo’s Harajuku and Osaka’s Nakazaki-cho in September.

japangrl1109: OMG i <3 Japan even tho im not japanese but im writin an article 4 my school and this site is perfect!!!! GO TOKYO!
Kjeld: Thanks, wowchicken. I am running a bit behind with the articles…
wowchicken: I saw them, and posted my comments. I really like some of them. :)

Japan's Hidden Cool

Sep 23 2009: Starting in October, JAPANESE STREETS will start a new series of articles introducing some of the coolest places to visit in Japan. Find out where they are and what shops and restaurants are recommended.

Jini: i’d love too help!!! but lol idk what the names are of all the places i went T___T

Back to School Backpack

Aug 29 2009: You know those square backpacks that Japanese elementary school students lug around? Cool! In Harajuku, you occasionally see somebody who has dug one from the depths of a closet and uses it as a supercool street fashion accessory.

heather: it`s so expensive to buy these kind of bags..but i really like it for my daughter as starting her elementray school this year.
mizakiwa: These are soo cute~ I love seeing these on elementary kids :3 At least there’s some use to them when you get older too xD
wowchicken: So cool! I like the first one with the bow. Its really adorable. Way to stand out at school.


Backpack Frenzy

Aug 29 2009: Japanese love their backpacks, there is a huge selection of backpacks in this country. I found a few on eBay store 2 Sweet Shop that are just as playful and fun as the ones that I photograph on the streets of Harajuku and Amerika Mura.

mizakiwa: I wish I saw this earlier DD: I bought a tote bag online instead because I couldn’t find a cute backpack online xD But these backpacks are really cute~ Especially the first and last one!!
wowchicken: The one with the chain is soooooooooooo cute. I love it, I need a bookpack anyways before school starts.
Katie: I would have done anything for that first one with stars and the chain when I was in school! I would have attached it to my wallet chain – sugoi


Shots from Osaka

Aug 25 2009: It is still hot Summer weather in Osaka, which is at about the same latitude as North Africa. It is visible on the streets in this city. Although Japanese are well-known for dressing a bit ahead of the next season, fashion here still worships the Summer.

Kjeld Duits: wowchicken: Back in the 70s?
wowchicken: My mom said she used to wear a lot of maxis when she was young. They’re trendy with comfort. :)
Jini: yeah! specially with nice accessories ^^


Cat Calls

Aug 20 2009: As young Japanese are discovering that traditional Japanese items can be pretty cool, classic goodies seem to be popping up in trendy stores everywhere. The beckoning cat, an old main-stay, is especially calling hard!

Kjeld Duits: The golden ones are amazing!
mizakiwa: Lol, I have some of these cats in my house xD One on the tv and two on the shelves. We have a golden colored one too 8D
Jini: scary story ? haha i love your reports ^^ waiting for new pics though o;

Maneki Neko
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