By Kjeld Duits

Harajuku Trends

Nov 16 2009: Emi and I shot a lot of new photos of street fashion in Tokyo’s Harajuku.

Kjeld Duits: @jaderdavila: I have never seen kaftans made of chiffon. But in October/November the weather can already be pretty cool in Tokyo, so I think the kaftan is just fine.
jaderdavila: kaftan is so great! the boy used a heavy fabric. is it warm for the fall? is there a light fabric for the summer, like chiffon?
Keke: I love Japanese Fashion. Rock-On!!!***


Lolita Fashion in Singapore

Nov 15 2009: Lolita fashion might have started in Japan, but it is increasingly popular all over the world. MTV Asia recently interviewed lolita fans in Singapore.

Sunshine: Hey, guys! I’ve found this legit Japanese website where they sell epicly awesome lolita/gothic/kawaii costumes! Ones: and
dblchin: I’m a big fan of lolita culture but sadly I can’t find any gals that are interested in my area. Does anyone have any recommendations? btw i’m from singapore
Kjeld Duits: Hi Kagitsune. I love visiting I can imagine how difficult it must be outside Japan to meet dressed in Lolita.

MTV Lolita Fashion in Singapore

Street Goes Official

Nov 14 2009: While shooting in Tokyo’s trendy Harajuku, I noticed there is a whole new trend in headgear. Uniform hats and caps—and anything else that even looks slightly official—are red hot.

Kjeld Duits: @Ari: Would love to know the origins.
Ari: The one with the blue rim is pretty similar to the hat part of the couleur (flag colour items) of a German Studentenverbindung (fraternity). Actually, it’s just the same shape as an old-fashioned university student’s cap. They have these in Scandinavia too, though, so it’s not quite sure if this one’s German after all.
Kjeld Duits: Thanks, Davey. I like the postman’s cap. I think it’s really cute.


Japan Fashion Week

Nov 13 2009: JAPANESE STREETS covered the Japan Fashion Week S/S 2010 held in Tokyo in October.


Meet Japanese Ghosts

Oct 22 2009: Just in time for Halloween, some of Japan’s best loved ghosts and spirits are visiting the recently opened NEW PEOPLE, a combined shop, movie theater and art space focusing on Japanese pop culture in San Fransisco.

Sergey: oh nice.
wowchicken: I can’t wait for halloween since its really popular here. I love it, and I hope one day Japan comes to love it too.
Kjeld: Halloween is not so popular (yet). There are some parties at clubs, and shops sell Halloween goods, but kids don’t go out in costume to collect candy. I wonder if it ever will be popular—it seems too foreign for Japan.


Earth Garden Tokyo

Oct 21 2009: Earth Garden Autumn will be held on October 24 (Sat) and 25 (Sun) at Yoyogi Koen in Tokyo. This event offers an art and crafts market, live music perforances and NPO booths. Entry is free!

mizakiwa: Aw, I wish I could see the kind of accessories the designers are selling <3 Sounds really fun~
wowchicken: Wow, that sounds really cool. I’d love to be there. :)
Jini: owowow looks so fun :3 wish i could be there Dx

Tokyo Decadance Tour

Oct 06 2009: Just a few days ago, we told you about the Tokyo Decadance event in Paris, France. We can now confirm several other Tokyo Decadance events in Europe. Clear your calendar and get your wardrobe ready!

jasmine: omgosh, i hope this comes to UK!
Jini: owh how cool, there are a few in germany, that’s sort of close for me ___ but i don’t think i can go TT_____TT
KayaValentine: Are they actually coming to the UK? It looked like it said so in their promotional video. I really hope they do. Then I can meet DJ Sisen and all the other amazing people!

Japan Fashion Week Spring Summer 2010

Oct 04 2009: From October 19 through 25, Japan Fashion Week will take place in Tokyo. As always, JAPANESE STREETS will be there!

jovi ryu: how can i apply to be your ramp model….ive done this before and i want to experience it here in fukuoka…
Meili: Aw, can’t wait to see the pictures! I haven’t been to a fashion show before but i love them anyways. :D
wowchicken: OOOOOOOOOOOh, the outfits look so editorial. I like it. :)
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