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Oct 03 2010: It is fun to shoot total strangers. A behind the scenes look at JS street shoots

Kjeld Duits: @Anna: Thanks. Imagine how much fun it was to shoot these people! ^^
Anna: What a great article, it put me in a good mood!
blondie: such a cute post!


Japan: Jeans Paradise

Jul 30 2010: Think of blue jeans, and many will think of the US. But it’s Japan that keeps the true spirit of denim alive

eiba: Can anyone tell me about denim comunity ozone since1978,is it japan brand…….??is it valuable or not?
Azhar: I am also in denim business. Would like to have any kind of comments.
bishnu: hello , i am looking for raw Japanese jeans in quantity order , so if you have in stock plz mail in

100723-2824 - Blue Jeans

Tokyo Reality

Jul 22 2010: Sometimes it requires an outsider to give an insightful view on a city. Like this wonderful footage of Tokyo

Planete Maneki: Very nice video ! I didn’t watch it before and that’s great ! Thanks for the interview as well.
Kjeld Duits: @Greg: I find that very inspirational, Greg! What kind of work are you doing?
Greg: This movie actually forced me to move back to Tokyo. I lived there for 10 years until 1996 but after being gone 14 years this video just opened feelings of longing to get back I couldn’t ignore. It turned out to be the right time and i was able to get a great job in a building overlooking the Shibuya crossing.

Tokyo Reality

The 10 Best Books about Traditional Japanese Colors

Jul 05 2010: Following our series on traditional Japanese colors, here is a list of recommended books.

Kjeld Duits: @Misato: Glad you like the list! @5amjetaime: Thanks for the suggestion. I have added the book to the list. I just visited your blog and love what you’re doing. Your entry on old fashion photography inspired me; I have several books with photos of pre-war fashion photography. The photos are awesome, very elegant and the women often appear mysterious and unreachable. I’d love to exchange links. I will send you an e-mail with the required sizes for the banner.
5amjetaime: {hi from california!} this is a great post! i’ve studied japanese art history before and i’d also like to recommend {すぐわかる日本の伝統色} by {福田邦夫, fukuda kunio} which i’ve been referencing to a lot…{ i love japanese colors^__^} i’ve just started my {design blog} on asian fashion, wondering if you would be interested in exchanging link roll with my site? if not, that’s totally fine. i’m still a fan of japanese streets!
Misato: thank you for sharing!

Books about traditional Japanese colors

New Yohji Yamamoto Biography

Jul 02 2010: Belgian publisher Ludion is publishing a biography of Japanese fashion designer Yohji Yamamoto.

Kjeld Duits: @Lactose Intoler-Art: I understand that the book will be sold worldwide. Surprisingly, it is not listed on Amazon yet, though…
Lactose Intoler-Art: すごい! I’m gonna have to at LEAST look at this book. Will major book stores carry it in the USA?

Yohji Yamamoto

JAPANESE STREETS Photos at New York Street Fashion Exhibition

Jul 01 2010: JAPANESE STREETS has contributed many photos to an upcoming street fashion exhibition in New York.


Color on the Street: More Black with Color

Jun 01 2010: We see more black with a splash of color on the streets of Japan

Hana: I love the color combination’s…black really does go with everything.

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