By Kjeld Duits

Tokyo Girls Collection Live

Mar 03 2011: Google teams up with Tokyo Girls Collection to stream their huge fashion show live

fashion news: tokyo girl collection, i love this one. .
zzd: super cute naman !! B) i like their stuff ! <3 im so inlove with jap!!

Luscious Leggings

Dec 19 2010: Imaginative leggings are hot on the streets of Harajuku

Jamie: It has finally happened here in North America. For Christmas my girlfriend bought me a pair of women’s leggings to wear when we go out. I really enjoy wearing leggings and they are so comfortable I could wear them every day.
anuradha: this is great i was wondering if this style can be introduced in Turkey with Japon Style
Musical Shark Attack: I really like the leggings, I only own one type of leggings that are very thin and made for skiing(hitech keep you warm stuff) they are just white. GF always giggles when she sees me watching the television wearing them. I would like a few other pairs like the coloured ones from your selection. Though I could wear them with really baggy shorts on a cool day, would be awesome. When I come to Japan I will definitely buy some. Is a real shame that western society is not a little more open minded. I really think western guys are generally stuck in an insecure mind set to try these. Scarey thought is that this pseudo-colonization of the mind has spread to all corners of the world, lets hope that Japan continues to be a beacon of light in the world of individual fashion statements.

101002-7386 - Cheerful Japanese woman wearing colorful leggings

Rocking Horse Shoes in Harajuku

Dec 16 2010: Rocking horse shoes have become extremely popular in Tokyo’s Harajuku

Kjeld Duits: @hannah: Cool, I’m glad that you could find a pair that you like and that fit. Interesting to read that the people in Belgium are so surprised by these shoes. You’ll get them used to it. ^_-
hannah: I’ve got myself a pair and I really love them!! they are so comfortable and I try to wear them as often as I can, but I think people in Belgium don’t really seem to know them, because they will glaze at me with a rather confused look on their face ^^
Musical Shark Attack: I really like this style of female shoes I think they look very adorable. I am going to pester my girlfriend to get some. :) Thanks for the great work on this site.


Furry Tails and Collars

Dec 14 2010: People don’t have tails. But maybe they should have. They look pretty cool!

fotoclipping: It’s cool I think!!
zzd: i wanna be a vet when I grow up and people apparently use animals’ fur for their own personal intentions like to earn money from the people who would like to wear animal fur.I would be against that in every way.
Kjeld Duits: @Tessa: I really like them, too. They are very playful. “Everyone thinks it’s real.” — I hope some animal activist doesn’t throw a can of paint on you!


Color on the Street: Black Down, Color Up

Dec 01 2010: Black is still in charge. The latest trend puts black on the bottom with often striking color on top

Sasha: thanks for the awareness… u can never go wrong with black =p
Kjeld Duits: @kagitsune: Trends blow in the wind like seeds. ^ _ –
kagitsune: Nice! I wouldn’t have even noticed from the street snaps if you hadn’t made this post. However, I have been hankering for a nice long, black wool skirt lately… hmmm… ;)


20% Off on Top Quality Jewelry

Nov 04 2010: Get 20% off on beautiful jewelry through Nov 14!

Gemstone Sale - 20% Off

Looking for Fashionable Bones

Nov 03 2010: JAPANESE STREETS goes on a search for skeletons

nikki: Keys are big right now. Kind of a steampunk thing.
xPsychedelic: What an original and unique pieces. I would totally love have one of those.
Kjeld Duits: @gionbaby: Oh yes, me too. A fashionable female skeleton!


Your Favorite Japanese Designer or Brand

Nov 02 2010: Who is your favorite Japanese fashion designer and/or brand?

zzd: i like LIZ LISA !! It’s always on the jap magazine Popteen :) And i also like Harajuku lovers and Super lovers.
Arc: It’s an extremely difficult choice, but I would have to say h.Naoto. All of his designs just seem to resonate with me. There are a lot of things that I love about each of these brands though : ]
Kjeld Duits: @Maria & Misato: I find myself coming back to Comme des Garçons recently. Especially after meeting and photographing Karin, who actually works for the company.

Japanese Fashion Brands
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